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Songs About / On: COMMIT

In this page, songs on / about “commit” are listed.
  • 31.

    This song is inspired by a Brasilian Indian tribe read more »

  • 32.

    When no one cares for you
    You’re made of straw
    No appointments to keep
    No human law

    When no one cares for you
    You’re made of straw
    You’re living on borrowed time
    You can’t do nothing right
    You can’t commit a crime read more »

    American Music Club
  • 33.
    I'm Dying Tomorrow

    I’m dying tomorrow
    This house, this street, chicago
    I’m dying tomorrow
    Did I do it right
    Did I remember to sleep in read more »

    Alkaline Trio
  • 34.
    Burning The Candles

    You're going down
    And it feels good
    But you ain't wearing
    What you should
    All the people that you've had?
    The Time is over

    Count your blessings
    Count the times
    You forgot their names
    Committed the crimes
    All the people that you've had?
    The time over

    Oh ! it's time to make amend's
    Cos' you've been
    Burning the candle at both ends

    Oh! it 's time to make amends
    Cos' you've been
    Burning the candle at both ends read more »

    Dirty Vegas
  • 35.
    Sick Of Will

    can't ever win against my sin
    i find i'm made of dust again
    look away from evil desplays
    shadows on your walls come from my eyes read more »

  • 36.

    Heat rising
    In midst
    Of sacred fight
    Quiet jihad read more »

    Franks Enemy
  • 37.
    Every River

    You ask me to believe in magic
    Expect me to commit suicide of the heart
    And you ask me to play this game without question
    Raising the stakes on this shotgun roulette
    But you came to me like the ways of children read more »

  • 38.
    Angry Tree

    I used to spend my time thinking I'll be fine
    Murder isn't crime, I witnessed you commit and smile
    Rusty breeze, let me in your casualty
    Mellow leaves, you're falling from an angry tree
    An angry tree read more »

    Life Of Agony
  • 39.
    Haunt To Guard

    In a long lost forgotten place in the forest
    The trace of his castle is rised like a monument
    An ancient building of stone points to the sky
    The remnant of the northern tower of withcraft read more »

    Ancient Rebirth
  • 40.

    How much truth can you take?
    Lies so pure
    Hidden eyes, victimized too secure
    You live your lies to suicide read more »

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