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  • 21.

    She cuts you once
    she cuts you twice
    But still you believe
    The wound is so fresh you can taste the blood
    BUt you don't have strength to leave
    You've been bought
    you've been sold
    You've been locked outside the door
    But you stand there pleadin' read more »

    Billy Joel
  • 22.
    I Have Finally Come to Realize

    I have finally come to realise
    Child don’t do what I have done
    Cut my nose to spite my face
    Made my own odds 10,000 to one read more »

    Van Morrison
  • 23.
    Cut The Cord

    One crazy less than life
    Ready made and easily broken
    Much smaller than my eyes
    Barely open, hardly chosen
    So much mine read more »

  • 24.
    Ants Marching

    He wakes up in the morning
    Does his teeth bite to eat and he’s rolling
    Never changes a thing
    The week ends the week begins
    She thinks, we look at each other
    Wondering what the other is thinking
    But we never say a thing
    And these crimes between us grow deeper read more »

    Dave Matthews Band
  • 25.
    Sell It Out

    [Skinny DeVille]
    Smoked the bong to the bang and got crunk
    Shorty with the thong and the chain's about to get nutty
    From my song my hands, I ain't tryna be ya buddy
    Let a player cut somethin *scratching*
    Now it's on anything that got drunk
    Skully took it strong to the brain, and I'm
    talkin dirty to this broad, "where yo' mayne?"
    Think about it, till early in the mo'nin, bout 7:30
    Get it on with the Philly, light the blunt and hell it's on
    If ya tryna hit me, then hit me on my cella-phone
    Really homes, take a hunnie with the silicone
    Tighter than an S-Type sittin right on plenty chrome
    Strong in the game, but not to play with anyone
    Yeaga like to dance, but not just to any song
    Gotta be the one, that rep well clear from
    "No perm, no fade, no brush, no comb"

    [Hook: Skinny - 2X]
    Broke somethin, drank somethin, cut somethin, what (set it out)
    Broke somethin, drank somethin, cut somethin, what (set it out)
    Broke somethin, drank somethin, cut somethin, what (set it out)
    Broke, drank, cut, what (set it out)

    [Skinny DeVille]
    Made the next call for the drink, the drink; straight to the head
    Stuck on the wall, thumbtack, but what I shoulda did
    Focus on the sack and sip just a little bit
    Blame it on the Jack D, get back to the chick
    Look I'm a mack, I think ya ass fulla shit
    It ain't the way ya talkin broad, who ya think ya foolin wit?
    Any nigga off the street, he game, school the chick
    A hoe is a hoe fa sho', and any shoe'll fit
    Call it what you want, blunt lit in the club crunk
    Drunk than a muh'fucker, split tryna cut somethin
    Quick now us want somethin, and the broad lookin thick
    Whattchu think he slicker than the liquor tryna move his dick?

    Now hold up; what? Stop; huh?
    Somebody roll the weed up, feet up
    V.I.P. lookin all G'd up, hair stay P'd up
    Can't talk long gotta cut somethin, see ya

    [Hook: Skinny - 2X]

    Broke somethin, drink somethin, cut somethin, hold up, what?!
    Broke somethin, drink somethin, cut somethin, hold up, what?!
    Broke somethin, drink somethin, cut somethin, hold up, what?!
    Broke somethin, drink somethin, cut somethin, hold up, what?!

    [Hook: Skinny - 2X]

    [B. Stille]
    Nappy Roots, get it up at a sold out show
    Cut her to, give it up when ya tho' that dough
    Don't be playin no games, what I told that hoe
    Forget her name, but she gone lemme cut that's all I know
    Now I'm horny as a - pitbull
    Some alcohol 'case I mess around and cut somethin
    Get fooled, at the bar smoke somethin
    It's cool, hit the telly, two hens in the whirlpool

    [R. Prophit]
    Steady sippin on courvoisier
    Ghetto type at the bar spittin the gossip-eh
    That's all - lookin like Beyonce
    Bout to cut, stuff brown in my cup (yeaga what?)
    Hurry up dawg, tryna holla at these broads
    Tell 'em I'm a playa, watch 'em cream in her drawers
    Say I'm Randy Moss then her panties came off
    Quicker than a wide receiver runnin out on a cross
    Shake it off now!

    [Hook: Skinny - 2X]

    [scratching till fade] read more »

    Nappy Roots
  • 26.

    Billy Boy I'm a miracle
    Cut the miracle, cut the miracle, cut the miracle, cut the miracle,
    Come down, Feel the power.
    Miracles are everywhere it's up to you so take good care read more »

    Lownoise Charly
  • 27.
    Car Wash

    The five star short cut is the way to boost [to start]
    Translated just for you we introduce the latest conveyer belt
    Best equipment as you can see with promises to delete all work strain no
    gain fact and vacuum your interior
    It's hard luck - no short cuts read more »

  • 28.
    Under The Knife

    Hungriness of killing makes me all I am
    Exploration of death
    To heal is their plan
    Incision, scrutiny
    Futile plan failing read more »

  • 29.
    They Cut Out His Brain

    He's only having problems with his speech and his ummm, oh yeah,
    They cut out his brain
    His motor skills still function normally. He will, unfortunately, be
    unable to testify before the committee. read more »

    Victims Family
  • 30.
    Cut The Devil Down

    Cut the devil down, lord, cut the devil down,

    Drive him out of town, lord, cut the devil down. read more »

    Keith Green
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