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  • 21.
    Hunger Moon

    (S. Phillips, P. Tomek)
    Hunger moon shining on a field of snow
    There's ice above but a fire down below
    Out of the north a cold wind moans
    And I'm empty oh so empty read more »

  • 22.

    Somethin’ of a shambles
    Somethin’ of a shambles
    Another wicked tangle
    Another wicked tangle
    Still I believe that love is drawn
    Still I believe that love is drawn
    From the emptiest of wells
    From the emptiest of wells read more »

  • 23.
    Misery 'n

    I've been misery 'n,
    Ever since my daddy gone, yeah.
    I've been, honey, I've been misery 'n, yes I have, now.
    Ever since my, since my daddy gone, gone, gone.
    But I believe that it won't,
    Baby, it won't be too long,
    If I just could hang on,
    Yeah, until my, till my misery
    Will all be gone.

    Whoa, I said my rooms, you know,
    They're so empty, empty, empty, empty, empty.
    Filled up with sadness, sometimes, yeah.
    My rooms are so empty, empty, empty, empty.
    Child, filled up with sadness, honey, sometimes, sometimes.

    Oh well it just, it just moves in,
    Like the fog rolls in.
    And I find I, well I can't see you, baby,
    For my tears.

    But I've tried.
    Don't you know I've tried.
    Cried, cried, cried, cried, cried.
    Baby now, I've been missin' you.
    Oh, I've been missin' you, babe!

    Yeah, and it all seems to bother me
    Much more that it seems it should be.
    So, baby, now, now,
    Baby, now, now,
    Baby, tell me why,
    Does it have to be
    Oh, so wrong for me ?

    I never thought I could ever want anybody,
    No, no, no, never did, I never did.
    Why am I feelin' so strange ???
    Whoaaaaa, I never, never, never needed nobody, no, no,
    But maybe you could help me —
    Why am I feelin' so strange ?

    Yeah, an' I've got me a great,
    An' I've got a great big bed
    With two pillows for my head.
    Hey, but lately I been sleepin', sleepin' alone.

    But I've tried,
    Don't you know I've tried.
    Cried, cried,
    You know how I've cried.
    An', an' baby, I've been missin' you.

    Don't you know I've tried.
    Cried, cried, cried, cried,
    Baby now, I've been missin' you.

    Don't you know I've tried.
    Cried, cried,
    You know how I've cried.
    An', an' baby, I've been missin' you,
    Yeah ... read more »

    Janis Joplin
  • 24.
    Empty Rooms

    EMPTY ROOMS (Gary Moore)
    Loneliness is your only friend
    A broken heart that just won't mend is the price you pay.
    It's hard to take when love grows old, read more »

    Moore Gary
  • 25.
    Empty Cell

    Pam says she loves me
    I'm lucky
    Guys like me, don't get laid
    By girls like her
    By girls like her read more »

  • 26.
    Empty Hands

    In the shadows of the smokestacks
    Through the black snow, that lay on the land
    Walked home one winter morning
    With my live savings in my hand
    Maryanne, she´s fixin´ up some breakfast
    Got the lights on, on the christmas tree
    Sittin´ there, lookin´ up at an angel
    With something dyin´ inside of me read more »

    John Mellencamp
  • 27.
    House of Sand

    (words & music by grant - baum - kaye)
    Oh you can take a whole lot of sand
    And build a castle on the beach
    And though you mold it and you plan
    Still you got nothing in your reach read more »

    Elvis Presley
  • 28.
    Empty Pages

    (graham russell)

    When you’re out in front and your life is unsure
    What have you got goin’ for you after every road you turn
    It’s magic when you tell me and run your fingers through my hair
    I don’t need your persuasion, cos I’m already there
    I’ve just read it through and I said to myself
    That’s not really you, I’ll keep myself to myself
    It’s magic when you tell me, and write the words I want to see
    When I reach the last line, it’s just empty for me
    I’ve been learning so long, about th read more »

    Air Supply
  • 29.

    Empty vessel under the sun wipe the dust
    from my face another morning black Sunday
    coming down again empty vessel empty veins
    empty bottle wish for rain that pain again
    wash the blood off my face the pulse from
    my brain and I feel that pain again read more »

  • 30.
    Sky Blue

    The mind convinced the soul, the body played no part
    Attraction was coincidence, and reason from the heart
    And I fall into your eyes
    They're so blue but just as empty as the sky read more »

    Notarthomas Jamie
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