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Songs About / On: GOD

In this page, songs on / about “god” are listed.
  • 41.
    Know God - Know Peace

    (T. Brisport, Blackani, Roy-LT, Classical Ace)
    No God, no peace! No Jah Jah, No peace
    If you don't know God you will never know peace
    If you don't know Jah Jah you will never know peace
    You see I man is the cross over between the Christian and the Rasta read more »

    Brisport Trevor
  • 42.
    Sunday Morning After

    I woke up with a killer hangover
    Hope it was worth all this pain (I’d do it all over again)
    By the time the party was over
    Tequila was my claim to fame (I couldn’t remember)
    I was dancin’ with jake when I last saw my keys
    That was my first mistake cause what happened to me (oh)
    I looked down at my arm¡­ baby
    And something’s lookin’ back at me and I cannot believe it read more »

    Amanda Marshall
  • 43.
    This Kingdom

    (Words and musci Geoff Bullock)
    God's righteousness revealed
    The Son of Man
    The Son of God read more »

    Hillsongs Australia
  • 44.

    You wear light like a robe
    You stretch out the sky like a tent
    You make Your chariot of the clouds
    And You ride on the wings of the wind woah ho ho
    I thrist for You, You are my God read more »

  • 45.
    Intro - 3

    The Christian concept of God - God as God of the sick, God as spider, God as
    spirit - is one of the most corrupt conceptions of god arrived at on this
    earth: perhaps it even represents the low-water mark in the descending
    development of the god type. God degenerated to the contadiction of life,
    insetad of being the transfiguration and eternal Yes! In God a declaration of read more »

  • 46.
    God Save The Queen

    God save the queen her fascist regime
    It made you a moron a potential h bomb !

    God save the queen she ain’t no human being
    There is no future in england’s dreaming read more »

    Sex Pistols
  • 47.
    Thank God It's Christmas

    Words and music by brian may and roger taylor

    Oh my love we’ve had our share of tears
    Oh my friend we’ve had our hopes and fears
    Oh my friends it’s been a long hard year
    But now it’s christmas
    Yes it’s christmas
    Thank God it’s christmas read more »

  • 48.
    If God Was a Woman


    If God was a woman read more »

    Bon Jovi
  • 49.
    Voyaging To Vinland

    We set the sails and hauled our oars
    heading for the gods alone know where
    in the whale's wake we left our shores
    heading for the gods know where.
    We steered the winds that Asgard sent read more »

    Calvert Robert
  • 50.
    Death Of God

    And down comes the rain...

    God is dead - The sky cries tears of blood
    Whipping down hard - The proof of his demise read more »

    Crown Of Thorns
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