Songs About / On: GUILT

In this page, songs on / about “guilt” are listed.
  • 41.

    We are gathered here today
    To mourn and share our grief
    Confused and bitter, filled with guilt
    Mental anguish beyond belief
    Eulogy read more »

    Righteous Pigs
  • 42.
    May 16

    No more waiting on them
    as you rise inside new rooms
    It's official you've gone
    You can live for no one else
    Man the guilt must be huge read more »

  • 43.

    Come to know them and what makes them burn take
    out your aggressions and alleviate the hurt fueled
    by some loss we'll never know i sit down now 'cause
    i'm not playing with you abusing amusing your peers
    and all your demons in passive aggression accusing read more »

  • 44.

    Your my best friend and my worst enemy
    You cure my wounds and comfort me
    It's a dangerois road when you play with my mind
    How could I fall in this pool of misery
    You burnt me once read more »

    Filthy Relics
  • 45.
    Suffer Never

    (N. Finn/T. Finn)
    has she fallen from the sky so heavy of heart
    the sigh was on her tongue, the grief was in her arms
    she will suffer never, I mean her no harm
    she'll come slowly rising on the air read more »

    Finn Brothers
  • 46.
    Tug Of War

    Ever since I've become one of Yours
    I'm a target for kill
    The enemy is on my trail
    Wants to own my will
    Shots of guilt with every surge read more »

    Phillips Leslie
  • 47.

    You pushed me down
    For all the world to see
    I guess that’s your price
    For my loyalty
    So while you tasting sin read more »

    Collective Soul
  • 48.
    Dreamlore Degenerate

    Words: Stanne
    For thou sweepst me
    in thy robe of guilt
    with garments forged
    in spiteful steel read more »

    Dark Tranquillity
  • 49.
    In The Cathedral

    Sinful rain bathing this narrow square soaking my vein, infolding my stare
    Yes, they are goading me... as if shame will survive me
    An old woman's knees kissing the tiles spirits lie broken, salvation is ice
    Little by little, darkness is spreading
    I've lost all ny bearings, need some accomplice read more »

    Dark Reality
  • 50.

    A paveway of graveyards, wetted by tears
    reflecting the clouds that huddle together
    the sky to protect from seeing the pain
    Unbearable, my soul uproars, the sobs of thousands grind all thoughts
    Clouds of cremated hopes swaying like butterflies but dead, grey and dead read more »

    Dark Reality
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