Songs About / On: HEAVEN

In this page, songs on / about “heaven” are listed.
  • 41.
    Heaven's Here

    This is your lifetime
    no matter what time of life

    there's wonder in the air if you stop to care.
    Look at heaven
    it's kissing clouds read more »

    Holly Johnson
  • 42.
    Heaven Only Knows

    Oh I know it's strange, but I think that it's about to change
    So I'll take the chance to get back into the straight again
    Heaven only knows, I'm really on the level
    Heaven only knows, I'm trying to find a way
    Heaven only knows, I'm walking down a straight and lonely road today read more »

    Electric Light Orchestra
  • 43.
    Heaven Can Wait

    (eric carmen)

    I was livin’ for tomorrow
    Hangin’ on from day to day
    Tired of chasin’ a dream
    That so constantly seemed
    To just slip away read more »

    Eric Carmen
  • 44.
    All My Way Ireland


    I’m on my way to heaven
    Don’t you want to go
    I’m on my way to heaven
    Don’t you want to go
    I’m on my way to heaven
    Don’t you want to go
    I want to go read more »

  • 45.
    Breath Of Heaven

    You are harvest, You are golden sun
    You are cool rain, You are all in one
    And in all my deepest thoughts
    And in all my battles fought
    You are within
    You are within
    You are crimson, you are midnight blue
    You have called me to discover You
    You have warmed my heart of stone
    You have borne my pain alone
    Speak to me now, speak to me now, speak to me now
    Breath of heaven, hold me together
    Be forever near me
    Breath of heaven, lighten my darkness
    Pour over me your holiness for You are hol read more »

    Eaton Chris
  • 46.
    Just A Step From Heaven

    By: Wayne Cohen/Shepard Solomon
    Tell me that we still belong
    Tell me that the will is still alive
    There must be another chance for us tonight
    'Coz everyone who's walked that path read more »

  • 47.
    Heaven For Everyone

    While you are imagining
    imagining for instance
    The sights that you can take advantage of

    Look at the beautiful cloud formations below you and above you -
    This could be heaven.
    Think of the colour of the sun as it shines off the clouds -
    This could be heaven -
    or dee the stars.
    In these days of cool reflection you come to me and everything seems
    alright read more »

    The Cross
  • 48.

    You want heaven
    Heaven in your heart

    You want heaven
    Heaven in your heart read more »

  • 49.
    Heaven Is

    Hey boys, miss magic is back
    No hollywood waste or tinsel trash
    A street kid, she’s no stray cat
    Heaven on legs she’s a feline flash
    Takes a good woman to play a good man
    And no one plays like heaven can read more »

    Def Leppard
  • 50.
    Heaven Knows

    Writers: leo sayer & alan tarney

    Nowadays they want a soldier fighter
    Not a preacher writer or a mystery man
    Somebody told me that the future’s brighter
    Make tomorrow lighter put it in your hands read more »

    Leo Sayer
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