Songs About / On: LOYALTY

In this page, songs on / about “loyalty” are listed.
  • 21.
    Societas Satanas

    Wolfen heart
    Ruthless sight
    Iron will
    Blood, honour, loyalty!

    Of noble breed
    Odin's blessed
    Satan's sons
    The chosen ones read more »

    Thou Art Lord
  • 22.
    Swing It Low

    I got buttons bursting in the air I got apple orchards everywhere I got
    grapes swinging from the vine Swinging in a line, lined up in the
    sunshine I'm on time, fresh, fast, I'm a sweetheart I'll watch your back
    I'm all swing, a swing from the shoestrings Right or wrong, to me it's
    the same thing You, especially you You have my loyalty You in wartime, read more »

  • 23.
    Antigua Anthem Text

    Fair Antigua, we salute thee!
    Proudly we this anthem raise
    To thy glory and thy beauty,
    Joyfully we sing the praise
    Of the virtues, all bestowed read more »

  • 24.
    Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Anthem Text

    Saint Vincent! Land so beautiful,
    With joyful hearts we pledge to thee
    Our loyalty and love, and vow
    To keep you ever free.
    Whate'er the future brings, read more »

  • 25.
    Dig Me

    It’s here I sit and rust amid this ruin and rancor like tire irons
    Toothy grills and car parts before me...the acid rain floods my
    Floorboard, burns my pores, and rots my upholstry.. once I was
    Worshipped, polished magnificently, now I lay in decay by the dirty
    Angry bay... read more »

    King Crimson
  • 26.
    Punch And Judy

    Punch remembers where he has been
    Judy knows he's being fair
    Punch has always hugged her tightly
    Judy's waited on his touch
    Punch has dreamed about her every night read more »

  • 27.
    Real Great Britain

    Written by: das, pandit, savale, tailor, zaman

    Union jack and union jill
    Back up and down the same old hill
    Sell the flag to the youths
    But who swallows the bill
    Murdoch she wrote
    Him have his hand in the till read more »

    Asian Dub Foundation
  • 28.
    Hold on to Your Friends

    A bond of trust
    Has been abused
    Something of value
    May be lost
    Give up your job
    Squander your cash - be rash
    Just hold on to your friends read more »

  • 29.

    Nothing but a mudpie
    Wrapped up inside with a pretty bow
    Nothing but a castle built
    On top a swamp of quicksand
    And inside these cardboard walls
    And saran wrapped windows
    Theres a rust pot of fool’s gold
    That you got with your life
    [your guess is as good as mine]..loyalties
    How you taught yourself to walk like royalty
    Until the day you became his praise
    You tripped over your incumbent
    You wash your hair in that luca oil
    Then you wrap your head up with tin foil
    And prance around in read more »

  • 30.
    The Ingredients of Love

    (feat. musiq soulchild)

    Hey musiq, (yo)
    You think we can do this (yeah, uh)
    (yeah, yeah) read more »

    Angie Stone
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