Songs About / On: LOYALTY

In this page, songs on / about “loyalty” are listed.
  • 41.

    Mutual aversion and disgust, religious facts
    Fighting for the land on which they live
    Separation of different races, different nations
    Disparity, no solidarity read more »

  • 42.

    Here I come
    Force like a vector, radar dector, abandon you cause I’m a defector
    Loyalty reflective, crooked lie objective, never trust you cause you are decpetive
    Base burned sample, lyrics are ample, don’t step to me cause you I will trample
    Mainstream averted, tracker inserted, found someting pure but it was perveted read more »

  • 43.
    Save Me

    Words and music by brian may

    It started off so well
    They said we made a perfect pair
    I clothed myself in your glory and your love
    How I loved you
    How I cried...
    The years of care and loyalty
    Were nothing but a sham it seems
    The years belie we lived a lie
    I love you till I die
    Save me save me save me
    I can’t face this life alone
    Save me save me save me...
    I’m naked and I’m far from home read more »

  • 44.
    I Never Lost You

    If I had nickel
    For every nickel I've had
    I'd be rich now
    But they Tempt and they tickle
    They trickle right out of my hands read more »

    Berry John
  • 45.
    Dig Me

    It’s here I sit amid this ruin and rancor
    Like tire irons, toothy grills, and car parts before me
    The acid rain floods my floorboards,
    Burns my pores, and rots my upholstery
    Once I was worshipped, polished magnificently
    Now I lay in decay
    By the dirty angry bay read more »

    Adrian Belew
  • 46.
    Ride The Wind

    Hearts of fire
    Streets of stone
    Modern warriors
    Saddle iron horses of chrome

    Taste the wild
    Lick the wind
    Like something they never saw before
    Their jaws dropping to the floor
    Steel made of soul and sin read more »

  • 47.
    A Great Day for Freedom

    A great day for freedom

    On the day the wall came down
    They threw the locks onto the ground
    And with glasses high we raised a cry for freedom had arrived read more »

    Pink Floyd
  • 48.
    Lady Liberty

    Lady liberty, come down and bleed to me
    I want nothing to do with your crazy world
    Broken promises, those poor noises
    Are bringin’ it by the time for all the famine and the law
    From the contras to the upstarts to shouted sandanistas read more »

  • 49.
    Idiot Brother

    They were hanging on
    For grim life
    They were clutching
    At straws
    They were sure
    That the ship was at port
    They were keen philosophers
    They were keen on hurt
    They were like
    A pair of dumb dogs
    Rolling in the dirt read more »

  • 50.

    Can you feel it baby kel spencer uh
    Take me away
    Flow crazy make em say kel uh
    Make it hot
    Take me away
    Flow crazy make em say uh
    Uh ah
    Uh ah
    Uh ah
    Uh ah
    Uh ah
    Uh ah
    Been to the mountain top down to the valley
    Illadelph to cali
    Y’all feel me like harry felt sally
    Clothes exotic
    Flows erotic
    No jewels
    That’s for them fools who ain’t got it
    Wrapped to my own sitcom
    Now I just sit calm
    Watching y’all respond to my july 4 bomb ooh
    Yeah I’m a nice kid
    But heres some advice kid read more »

    Will Smith
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