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Songs About / On: SCREAM

In this page, songs on / about “scream” are listed.
  • 21.
    Try It Somtime

    Hey man what's the scam don't you ever understand
    Don't you, don't you, don't you understand
    Thinking about, thinking about, thinking about nothing
    Because nothings about all we have
    Screaming round, screaming round, screaming
    round the housescreaming round, Got to get my share before the good
    times are all bad
    Hey Jon what's going on? We haven't talked in so long
    Nothings happening man I'm just passing around the bong
    Hey Sam what's the plan I'm just chilling in the sand
    Everybody's read more »

  • 22.

    Pull me to the left, hold me to the right
    I never know where to go
    Burning that trail to the promised land
    You're moving on out of control
    Well I don't want to be some puppet on a string read more »

    Collective Soul
  • 23.
    City Screaming

    (J. Napolitano)
    Been on the bus
    Since a quarter to one
    I'm baking like a chicken on the bus in the setting sun
    Home, home, home read more »

    Concrete Blonde
  • 24.
    Forget The Gods

    spoiled brains
    are speaking through the wring mouth
    its poisoned tongue
    is slimy like a snake
    when tempting my mind
    to devotion
    I'm starting to hate
    the sticky presence of faith read more »

  • 25.
    Scream Who (4 13)

    My ears are ringing and the eyes have it
    Lean your head to the wall
    And these walls have ears
    And those ears are ringing
    Support this wonderful wall read more »

    Hunters And Collectors
  • 26.
    The Earth Dies Screaming

    A warm dry wind is all that breaks the silence,
    The highways quiet scars across the land.
    People lie, eyes closed, no longer dreaming,
    The earth dies screaming.
    Like scattered pebbles, cars lie silent waiting,
    Oilless engines seized by dirt and sand.
    Bodies hanging limp, no longer bleeding,
    The earth dies screaming. read more »

  • 27.

    I’m in the room without a light
    The room without a view
    I’m here for one more treacherous night
    Another night with you
    It tortures me to move my hands
    To try to move at all
    And pulled
    My skin so tight it screams
    And screams and screams
    And pulls some more
    Hanging like this
    Like a vampire bat
    Hanging like this
    Hanging on your back
    I’m helpless again read more »

  • 28.
    La Tristesse Durera (scream To A Sigh)

    (Words: Nicky Wire/Richey James; Music: James Dean Bradfield/Sean Moore)
    Life has been unfaithful
    And it all promised so so much
    I am a relic
    I am just a petrified cry read more »

    Manic Street Preachers
  • 29.

    You are all I am, you are all I ever want to be
    I think of you
    A solitary cry echoes through my throat and through my mind
    I think of you
    I think I woke up screaming read more »

    Stabbing Westward
  • 30.

    I hear screams, echoes of the dead
    In the silence - screaming
    Haunted by the dead
    They're calling me to join them read more »

    Six Feet Under
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