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Songs About / On: WORK

In this page, songs on / about “work” are listed.
  • 11.
    Work To Do

    I can't wait to get home to you
    I got so much work to do, work
    I'm taking care of business baby can't you see
    I goota make it for you, and I gotta make it for me
    Sometimes it may seem boy I'm neglecting you read more »

    Williams Vanessa
  • 12.
    Rock The Boat

    Artist - aaliyah
    Song - rock da boat
    Album - aaliyah
    Typed by -

    Boy you know you make me float
    Boy you really get me high
    I feel like I’m on dope
    Cause you
    You serve me on a regular
    Boy we need to tie this rope
    Before we drift any deeper
    There now hold me close
    Boy let’s take this overboard now read more »

  • 13.
    Denial Works For Me

    Life is full of problems
    And here's the remedy
    Denial works for me (denial works for me)
    There's a freight train coming
    Loaded with anxiety
    You're tied to the tracks - don't worry (denial works for me) read more »

  • 14.
    Don't Talk To Me About Work

    A Perfect day to get out of bed
    Shower, dress, shave, kiss you on the head
    Then I hit the office and my head starts to swim
    A perfect day to just walk around
    See a violent movie and check the sounds read more »

    Reed Lou
  • 15.
    Let's Work Together

    Together we'll stand
    Divided we'll fall
    Come on now people
    Let's get on the ball
    And work together read more »

    Canned Heat
  • 16.
    Great Expectations

    (eric carmen)

    Seems everyday
    I’m gettin’ harder pressed
    To find a reason to shave
    Watchin’ the hours
    Just slippin’ away
    No motivation to get out of bed
    And carry on the charade
    Caught in a dream that’s goin’ astray read more »

    Eric Carmen
  • 17.

    five days out of seveneight hours of every oneI'm tryin' to buy a piece of heavenbut I'll be gonebefore that heaven comes
    work, work, workwho nees it?it's all I ever seem to doI'm killin' myself for a livin'livin' the workin' man's blues
    minute to minuteday after daywherever I go it's always the sameI work a little longerto make up my paybut when the cheque comes alongthey've taken half of it away
    all the work, work, workwho nees it?all I ever seem to doyou know I'm killin' myself for a livi read more »

    Leo Sayer
  • 18.

    I see flames jumping high
    "Burn, baby, burn" is my cry
    Will work for gasoline
    Addiction to kerosene
    I fight for fire, baby, burn read more »

  • 19.
    Maggie's Farm

    I ain’t gonna work on maggie’s farm no more.
    No, I ain’t gonna work on maggie’s farm no more
    Well, I wake up in the morning
    Fold my hands and pray for rain.
    I got a head full of ideas
    That are drivin’ me insane
    It’s a shame
    The way she makes me
    Scrub the floor
    I ain’t gonna work on, nah
    I ain’t gonna work on maggie’s farm no more.
    I ain’t gonna work for maggie’s brother no more
    Nah, I ain’t gonna work for maggie’s brother no more
    Well, he hands you a nickel
    And he hands you a dime read more »

    Rage Against The Machine
  • 20.

    Been feeling this way
    For ten thousand years
    Pawned and put in papers
    Creating all I fear
    To keep read more »

    Why Store
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