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well i live in Englands
i started writing poems 3 years ago
i met a friend on here that helped me alot a year after that, ever since i have been writing poems to get my feelings out, two months ago i stoped writing for two reason, one writers block, two, writing the poem helped at frist then some how i was dwelling on the poems feelings with in each word more and more, since then i havent wrote a thing. i am 17 currently,18 in 5 months, im studying at college, public services, im going to one day join the army. And just the other day, i smiled and luaghed so much than i have in years :) Updates


What is a true friend?
Is it someone that helps
you when you’re down?
Or someone that leaves
you when you are sad?
You may not choose how
people are but you can
choose your friends.

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