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well i live in Englands
i started writing poems 3 years ago
i met a friend on here that helped me alot a year after that, ever since i have been writing poems to get my feelings out, two months ago i stoped writing for two reason, one writers block, two, writing the poem helped at frist then some how i was dwelling on the poems feelings with in each word more and more, since then i havent wrote a thing. i am 17 currently,18 in 5 months, im studying at college, public services, im going to one day join the army. And just the other day, i smiled and luaghed so much than i have in years :) Updates

Pain And Hope

The dawn of the new day,
The wakening of a new sun,
The calmness of the sea,
The rage of the city,
Feelings mixed,
The confused mind,
The pain of a bad day dims,
The hope for a better day grows.

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