Stella Andrews

Rookie - 10 Points (3rd july 1994)

Stella Andrews Poems

1. Sexual Influences 10/6/2009
2. It's A Empty Space 10/7/2009
3. One Wrong Move 10/9/2009
4. Why Would A Girl Ever Love A Boy? 10/9/2009
5. Silent Sleeper, We Step Into A New Dawn 10/9/2009
6. Broken 10/9/2009
7. Cross Out Her Heart 10/9/2009
8. Cry To Me 10/9/2009
9. Goodbye Today And Goodbye Forever 10/9/2009
10. High School 10/9/2009
11. Kiss, Love And Hold 10/9/2009
12. I Dont Know Why 10/9/2009
13. It Means Nothing Now 10/9/2009
14. Never Perfect 10/9/2009
15. Whatever You Do, Don'T Tell Me You Love Me 10/9/2009
16. Last Seconds 10/9/2009
17. Just Me 10/9/2009
18. My Broken Heart And Mind 10/9/2009
19. My Death 10/9/2009
20. Only. You. And. Me. 10/9/2009
21. One Side They'Ll Never See 10/9/2009
22. Oh So Perfect 10/9/2009
23. There's A Bold Line Between Fun And Rape 10/9/2009
24. She Was My Best Friend 10/9/2009
25. She'Ll Be There For You 10/9/2009
26. Drowning Would End Everything 10/9/2009
27. Suicide Is The Word That Makes Us Fall 10/9/2009
28. Uncurl My Thoughts 10/9/2009
29. Wake Me Up! ! 10/9/2009
30. When I Grow Up 10/9/2009
31. Z.Alone In The Darkness 10/9/2009
32. Nearly In Love With You :) 10/15/2009
33. This Is A Nightmare 10/20/2009
34. Beginning And Ending. 10/25/2009
35. Torn 10/25/2009
36. Stella.. 2/19/2010
37. Sweet :) Xoxo 3/1/2010
38. Keeping Up Once Your Left Behind 3/1/2010
39. A Match Made In Heaven. 3/1/2010
40. If I Become Skin And Bone 3/19/2010
Best Poem of Stella Andrews

The Rape Of A 12 Year Old Girl

one dear little 12 yr old girl,
walks alone at night to her home.
she is so pure, and innocent,
but she shouldn't be out on the roam.

a car full of boys stop next to her,
and they grab her and pull her,
until shes in the car.
this is the night that will haunt her forever.

they speed out of town,
so far that nobody could ever hear her scream.
drugged mouths and minds,
can turn some people so mean.

they stop and get out of the car,
the night is cold.
they tear off all her clothes,
the moon lays back and watches the horrible event ...

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Hand in hand,
We walk on in silence.
The tear on my cheek turns to ice.

Sad and forgotten,
The feeling in my heart,
Has gone.

Blind and deaf,
You stay next to me.
I wonder when you'll want to see.

Jerking and broken,
Blood runs down my face.
Your heart is crying once again.

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