Stephanie Conners

Rookie (01 18 1989 / Washington DC)

Biography of Stephanie Conners

well im a single mom of 2 not really much to tell i grew up in the US moved around some i use to write poems all the time but some where along the way i lost my inspiration. im slowly getting it back! lets see i have a boy friend and a job i get on when i can i guess you can say i have a life outside of writing poems i get up every morning with a smile i've been writing sense i was about 13 14 years old working on getting my nursing degree now so been a bit busy i have no published books i just write whats on my mind or what i see and sometimes i what i hear i think thats about all I've got to say right now lol if i think of more ill add it in XD Updates

Down The Road

Down the road there’s a tall oak tree
It stands as high as the eye can see
There it will be
10 20 30 40 maybe even50 years from now

Down the road there’s an old house
There it will be
Its decomposing vines trees and plants of all kinds
They grow there wild and free

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