Stephen Beam

Stephen Beam Poems

1. The Beekeeper 4/15/2008
2. I The Reaper... 4/15/2008
3. Sexual Sustenance 4/15/2008
4. Sentimental Torture 4/15/2008
5. The Insurrectionist 4/15/2008
6. When Darkness Falls 4/15/2008
7. Path Of Pain And Love 4/15/2008
8. Forgiver 4/15/2008
9. Dreamers Realm 4/15/2008
10. Children Of The Lamb 3/11/2008
11. Darkness 3/11/2008
12. Earthen Mind and Body 3/19/2008
13. Halloween Hollywood 4/15/2008
14. Night in Solitary 4/15/2008

Earthen Mind and Body

Past cliffs and rocky shores, lies a horizon without the moores
With nothing to hold me but the waves making their tours
Living particles of life in wet dirt, i live for God's breath
His breath to lift and deposit me elsewhere on this shores breadth
Will the sun set on a life near eternal or stand over my sister
Take my strengths for with them lies my relief in how i missed her
I am Earth, what will these beings do to preserve me, for now
Cause even though i hold your presence till God co

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