Steven Sabathie

Steven Sabathie Poems

1. Apollo Speaks 3/16/2011
2. Cocaine 3/16/2011
3. Command With Just A Kiss 3/27/2011
4. Oh Romeo 3/28/2011
5. Tall Like A Cowboy 3/31/2011
6. I Am God 4/1/2011
7. The Night Is When The Wolf Likes To Play 4/4/2011
8. I'Ve Learned So Much 4/8/2011
9. Prison Song 4/10/2011
10. The Ladies Who Dance For Money 4/12/2011
11. Where Were You Before The Ground War Ended In ‘72 4/13/2011
12. Street Preacher 3/30/2011
13. This Couldn’t Happen To Us 3/31/2011
14. Words Make A Dream Real 4/17/2011
15. You’re A Part Of It All 4/24/2011
16. A Different Direction 5/4/2011
17. Inside I'M Crying Too 5/4/2011
18. Others Sins 5/5/2011
19. So Many Men Never Come Home From A War 5/5/2011
20. Do You Want To Love Me 5/5/2011
21. Are You With Her Now 5/5/2011
22. Sailing Through Bad Weather 5/8/2011
23. Bikers Song 5/9/2011
24. Missing You 5/9/2011
25. A Different Kind Of Wealth 5/10/2011
26. You Never Took The Time 5/10/2011
27. Once I Was A Hero 5/11/2011
28. Bikers Have Dreams 5/11/2011
29. Once I Was 5/11/2011
30. Your Song 5/11/2011
31. A Song For You 5/11/2011
32. I Know I'M Losing You 5/11/2011
33. Serial Killer 5/14/2011
34. Rap Song 5/14/2011
35. Sister 5/14/2011
36. I Had It Made 5/14/2011
37. Grandfather 5/19/2011
38. When All There Was, Was School And Friends 4/26/2011
39. How To Tell You 4/29/2011
40. Wandering Sailor 4/30/2011
Best Poem of Steven Sabathie

It’s Time To Go Home

It’s time to go home
I’m sick and alone
I’m out on the street
no shoes on my feet

I’ve been here a long time
drinking this cheap wine
and now while I’m dying
still no one hears me crying

But once I was like you
I had a dream too
I saw myself blessed with love and wealth
but somehow I got lost
and I got double crossed
by a world that’s cold
in a story that’s old

But that’s not an excuse
no that’s just the reason
so with this last sip of wine
I’ll fade with the season

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Oh Romeo

Oh Romeo
You've gone and done it again
broken another girls heart
made an enemy out of a friend

Oh Romeo
Your story is always the same
ever since you were a boy
you played love like it was a game

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