Suchitra Bandi

Rookie (Vishakhapatnam)

Suchitra Bandi Poems

1. I Am.. 7/18/2009
2. A Rainy Hue.. 8/4/2009
3. A Sunrise 7/18/2009
4. In My Treasure Trove 7/18/2009
5. Where There's A Will 7/18/2009
6. Trivial Happinesses 7/18/2009
7. Love Never Hurts! 7/19/2009
8. A Change 7/19/2009
9. Loving Memory 7/19/2009
10. I Saw.. 7/26/2009
11. On Our Independence Day.. 8/14/2009
12. A Tree 1/3/2010
13. Nature 1/3/2010
14. What Am I? 1/3/2010
15. In Your Thoughts 1/3/2010
16. A Republic Day Remembrance 1/30/2010
17. Visit To Iit 5/20/2010
18. U 4/18/2011
19. Love Me As I Am 4/30/2011
Best Poem of Suchitra Bandi

I Am..

I am blooming flower,
awaiting the rain..
I am a perennial river,
Flowing down the plain..

I am a flying bird,
spreading its wings..
I am nightingale,
and the melodies it sings..

I am a dancing doll,
that swings to the tunes..
I am the endless desert,
with lofty sand dunes..

I am a lovely girl,
lovely as a work of art,
I am a glorious sunrise,
that draws the life's cart..

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A Sunrise

A chill was emanating all around,
It was just the sunrise in the morn',
I got up and know what I found?
The leaves and grass just new born.

I peered through the window sill,
The sky was blue and golden cake,
the world was in the bed still,
while I was wide awake.

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