Sumita Datta

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Biography of Sumita Datta

I was born and brought up in a small cosmopolitan town called Digboi situated in upper Assam, India. From a toddler become a pretty woman spending time with nature. Spent my childhood sometimes playing with tad poles in the pond or climbing jack fruit tree; sometimes playing with hailstones, sometimes by catching fish. Still remember how crazy I was to ride the elephant during my trip to a picnic in a river side when the elephant used his trunk to make me seat on him. From the age of 5 till 15, reading Tagore was addiction… It was my passion to recite poems written by Tagore. As time flies, priority changes in life… From school to college, college to job and then marriage, all these pushed me from Assam to Kolkata, Kolkata to Delhi. My profession took me from India to Belguim, Belguim to Canada… and many more countries… In short, I met lot of people variety of culture, seen variety of nature which helps me to write.
I am not a poetess. Writing is my passion and I right whatever I feel. If you like it and put an honest comment, I accept that as a blessing. Updates

It's Raining

It's a rainy day, I am missing you...
I still remember we met when we were in class two.

That was a rainy day, the day you joined me in my class,
I shared my umbrella with you to catch the school bus…

We always used to sit in the same row,
In all school functions, we used to be together in the show....

[Hata Bildir]