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I was born and raised in New Delhi, India. I went to a school in South Delhi. After my intermediate, I pursued an Honours Degree in English Literature, followed by a Masters in English. I dabbled with many jobs for an year and finally chose to become a school teacher. Considering the sorry state of Higher Education in India, after completing a Diploma course in Early Childhood Care and Education, Bachelors Degree in Education and Masters Degree in Education, I decided to remain a Secondary school teacher. Writing is not just a hobby for me, it is a need. It is my biggest stress buster.

Delhi is India in miniature. My existence in this beautiful place has helped me interact with people from different walks of life. The cosmopolitan culture of Delhi has had a deep impact on the way I write. My educational background has trained me to think in English (the Indianized version) . I love Hindi but like most Delhiites, my Hindi is a confused mixture of many Indian languages. So, can’t write in Hindi. However my knowledge of Hindi and my Indian sensibilities never cease to meddle with my English. For a person like me who prefers opening her mouth only to teach (for which I’m paid) , writing is important.And I have chosen English as the medium because it is the only language through which I can express myself and I like moulding it to suit myself. Hope you like my work!

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Education (Acrostic)

Education is the road to emancipation,
Dedication, diligence and determination,
Understanding of theories and their practical application,
Creativity and vivid imagination,
Are the prerequisites for a good education.
Tests and exams, challenge our comprehension whereas
Interesting co-curricular activities, prepare us for competition.
Observation and analysis, help us deal with every life situation and
Negative marking teaches us to deal with rejection.

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