Suruchi Puri

Rookie (21st May,1986 / Delhi, India)

Biography of Suruchi Puri

Suruchi Puri is born and brought up in Delhi. She took up writing at a tender age of six and till today, she has continued with writing a number of poems and stories that are loved by the readers throughout the world.

She is currently working as freelance writer working from home and writes web content, articles, blogs and similar other stuff for various websites.

Suruchi Puri's Works:

Cuddles- a book about a dog's mischievous deeds and how he becomes a part of the problem for entire family. Despite this, he is apple of everyone's eyes. A must read book for every pet lover. Updates

Life Begins

When the bird sings a song,

When the cattle graze,

When the cow tinkles its bell,

When the sun shines,

When the man opens his arms,

The life begins.

[Hata Bildir]