Syed Ali Sagar

Rookie (14th-Summer / Cape-Comorin-Tamilnadu)

Syed Ali Sagar Poems

1. First Word And World 9/13/2006
2. To My Best Friend 9/13/2006
3. Salad Days 9/13/2006
4. Nest-Egg 9/13/2006
5. Nondescript 11/22/2006
6. Touch-Me-Not 11/23/2006
7. She Is....! 12/10/2006
8. The Best Things 4/11/2007
9. Presence 4/11/2007
10. Language 4/24/2007
11. Good Moves 9/24/2006
12. Green 6/5/2007
13. Condom 7/4/2007
14. So...This Is What Love Means 4/11/2007
15. Solo 4/11/2007
16. Feather Touch 4/11/2007
17. Global Warming 6/12/2007
18. Face Veil 11/21/2006
19. Moan Of The Wind 11/22/2006
20. Nymphs Of The Valley' 5/31/2007
21. Be Nude 6/12/2007
22. Traveller's Diary 9/14/2006
23. Kamasutra 7/4/2007
Best Poem of Syed Ali Sagar


For Breaking some rules
We made serios of conise rules
Five senses assisted by
The mind with the soul
My wish and desire on you
Signifies your eyes Kama and Sutra
Every day and nights
The third goal of life get practice.

We met, early bird mornings
Scissors, the lotus, and the clip.
Our sunny and rainy days before nap
Hopscotch, the slide, and the snail.
Full moon and half moon darks
Spooning, the whisper and the spider positions.
Our Bed times are grand operas
Blissfuly filled with B-language notations

Memories of our Opus
Smiling ...

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Traveller's Diary

it could change your life for ever
In a matter of hours, minutes, seconds
By people
who don't even know you
when i'm capable of...
when i'm rearrenging...
But a single question is questining me
Is it all about finding
True sense of purpose in the Life?

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