Syed Peerzada Aurangzeb

Syed Peerzada Aurangzeb Poems

1. Endurance 11/17/2012
2. War 11/17/2012
3. Liberation 11/17/2012
4. Warriors 11/18/2012
5. Wounds Of Youth 11/18/2012
6. Dream Of An Old Man 11/18/2012
7. Lady Birds 11/18/2012
8. Oneness 11/18/2012
9. Windows 11/18/2012
10. Nomadic Crave 11/27/2012
11. Moment Of Replacement 11/27/2012
12. Sins 11/27/2012
13. Blessing 12/26/2012
14. The Mystic Shadows 2/3/2013
15. Madness 9/23/2014
16. Autumn 11/18/2012
17. Betrayed 11/18/2012
Best Poem of Syed Peerzada Aurangzeb


Burned ashes of my dreams
Collapsed glaciers of snow white
Eyes remained alive
Whereas the soul scratched by the gentle hands

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Dark fiery knights, scar faced, grimy shadows of nightmares
Untamed cavalries rode on harshness and brutal lures
Beasts in human bark
Stood lonely under the mist of desires
Straight heads staring eyes
Glance for the lands to conquer and unleash their dominance
Baring for the humans to slave, Skulls to eat, and blood to drink
The dirt of humanity bows against their snorted horses, and implore vehemently
For the sake of their feared lives, lapsed to darkened ends

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