Sylvia Loven Carter

Rookie [Smoked Meat] (June 13,1963 / Dallas, Texas)

Biography of Sylvia Loven Carter

God healed me from 2 aneurysms and two small strokes in 1999 I had to learn to walk & talk again. I'm a redeemed child of God whose given birth to 1 son who is 32 years young, I was a preachers for wife for 4 years. grandmother of 4 beautiful little girls I enjoy writing poetry/lyrics Praise God I now have 5 grand-sugars the last one is handsome little boy named Adam Sean Carter born 6/5/2014 Updates

Mother's Continue...

Through eternity Mother's continue......
her mother bare her
and mother's continue.....
WE all started out as some mother's baby boy or girl, except for Adam & Eve
mother's continue Adam & Even were created fully grown, that means God
was mother to them.
Mother's continue
babies are still being conceived
Mother's continue.......

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