T.A. Rosenbaum

Biography of T.A. Rosenbaum

So, biography, to write down the life to try and tell about the who. But, on a real and important level, what is the 'who.' Who are you? Who am I? Are we a collective of our desires, experiences, likes, and loves? Or are we something deeper, something more tangible than those things that wash away when we sleep and when we die. Pretentious to write this in the bio, perhaps, but I have always pondered it deeply, and perhaps that tells you more about me than if I did this;

I love opera, poetry, movies, philosophy (classical and eastern mainly) , nature, and learning.

or this;

I grew up on a farm and lived in a small town. I grew up with the animals and forests and books as my friends. I was bored in school and often got myself into trouble in a wide range of ways. I don't tell many people I know that I really love to write poems.

You be the judge.

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Tale Of The Dancers

Never touching, always bending, swaying, without refrain
Dance and hope, our swirling figures brush
The rush, so simple, a temple, you and I
Why is it never embrace? No trace, of time gone by
Save the one that's left in the mind, not behind
With you and I, we cannot deny, but must try, to restrain
Though we know not why.
Gently, spirit, gently, this life-fire, will tire, but we'll be evermore
In the mists and shadows, where none go, we'll flow

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