Treasure Island

tamia wells

(1/26/96 / new york, bronx)

Poems of tamia wells

1. ' i love you ' 3/29/2010
2. Blood, Sweat, Tears, ANGER! 4/8/2010
3. in time 3/29/2010
4. love vs. hate 3/30/2010
5. my love. 3/29/2010
6. shattered /3.. 3/31/2010
7. State Of Mind 3/30/2010
8. the moment 3/28/2010
9. Who Is You? And Who Am I? 4/8/2010
10. you are who you are? 4/8/2010

love vs. hate

As i lie in the bed, In the misty redness of hate, lonesome pain, and misery invaded my happy home, And turned it into a dark icky cave... The word Hate is in my heart, And soul but somewhere deep within in my mind was love that over ruled the power between hate itself.

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