Tawfiq Zayyad

(1929 –1994)

Tawfiq Zayyad Poems

1. They Know 9/14/2013
2. Passing Remark 9/14/2013
3. All I Have 9/9/2013
4. Galilee 400 Years 10/12/2013
5. With My Teeth 10/12/2013
6. On The Trunk Of An Olive Tree 9/9/2013
7. I Call To You All 10/11/2013
8. Pagan Fires 9/9/2013
9. Here We Will Stay 9/4/2013
10. The Impossible 10/12/2013
Best Poem of Tawfiq Zayyad

The Impossible

It would be a thousand times easier for you
to lead an elephant through the eye of a needle
to catch fried fish on scorched earth
to plough the seas
to make crocodiles talk
it would be a thousand times easier
than to extinguish, through persecution
a glimmering thought
of the way we have chosen

As though we were twenty impossibilities
in Al-Lid, Ar-Ramla, and Galilee
we rest on your chest like a wall
we hurt your throat
like splinters of glass, like Indian figs
and we blind your eyes
like an inferno of flames.
Here we rest on ...

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