TD. Kumar

TD. Kumar Poems

1. ‘maitri' And Gratitude -Unconditional 9/12/2012
2. A Stone Is An Energy-Whirlpool! 1/7/2015
3. A Void And Zero Needs No Prop! 1/7/2015
4. All Good Things Of Life Are By-Product 1/12/2013
5. An Ode To Ego............. 1/17/2013
6. Anatomy Of Humor And Physiology Of Laughter 1/12/2013
7. Appreciating The Hot Summer 6/3/2013
8. Atheist Or Agnostic May Be Truly Spiritual 9/10/2012
9. Being In The Flow Is The Best Way To Cross The River! 9/17/2013
10. Beyond Fight And Flight 11/22/2012
11. Bhagwad Geeta 9/10/2012
12. Bhasmasur' Syndrome 11/22/2012
13. Cats And Dogs! 3/28/2016
14. Close Strangers....... 12/28/2012
15. Commonwealth Of Body, Mind And Soul 10/16/2012
16. Compassion And Meditation Are Both, End And Means 9/15/2012
17. Count Yours Mistakes 9/9/2012
18. Distinction Is Necessary For Unity 12/16/2013
19. End Is The Beginning 10/16/2012
20. Entropy And The Murphy's Law 12/28/2012
21. Even A Zero Can Make A Difference! 9/15/2012
22. Feeling Vs. Thought 12/16/2013
23. Forever Homeless, Alien And A Refugee 9/10/2012
24. Friendliness Is Not Just Friendship (J) 9/15/2012
25. Genetic And Neural Structure, Rigid Or Malleable? 1/17/2014
26. God's Postal Address 9/15/2012
27. Grandeur Of Anonymity 10/29/2012
28. Grow Dwarf As You Become Tall! 1/5/2013
29. Grow Dwarf To Become Tall! 12/28/2012
30. Happiness 3/28/2016
31. Happiness Is The Way To Happiness! 11/22/2012
32. Hitting The Bottom, You Find An Exit! 9/15/2012
33. I Don'T Write, I Am Written, It Just Happens! 1/9/2013
34. In Praise Of Money And The Physical 6/3/2013
35. Invisible Insanity 9/15/2012
36. Karma Cola 9/10/2012
37. Kill Your Darling! 11/22/2012
38. Krishna In Crisis 9/10/2012
39. Krishna Is A Unique Synergy Of Archetypes 9/10/2012
40. Ladder Against The Right Wall For The Right Roof 11/22/2012
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Happiness Is The Way To Happiness!

Happiness is the way to happiness!

Read the full of Happiness Is The Way To Happiness!

Karma Cola

Krishna's powerful principle of positive action
Has been polluted as a 'karma cola' of misty fiction
It is scientific law of cause and effect applied to human life
Value based dispassionate action is 'Bhagwad Geeta's key injunction.

By extending it to a series of birth and rebirth
It has robbed it of punch and urgency of present action
Karma cola has de-humanized us and damned millions of unfortunates by their very birth
Call it casteism or racialism or indifference to people trappe

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