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Poems from Lemmings Into The Sea are marked with a star to ensure reader access to them is easier. I hope that you may find a few poems and lines to especially enjoy.

Poems on themes of love, conservation, philosophy, religion, human rights, politics, science etc are included among poems. A title 'The Holocaust Files & Other Theme Poems' contains the following list.

Theme: Love Poems (various forms of love,10 poems only)
Theme: Christian (a selection of 22 from among many)
Theme: (Earthquakes/Science, Human Impact and or Religion 7 poems only)
Theme: Science Conservation (a random selection of 4 poems only)
Theme: Science (a random selection of 4 poems only)
Theme: American Politics, George Bush etc (4 poems only)
Theme: 9/11 3 poems
Theme: Julian Assange Defence From Sarah Palin Attacks etc 8 poems
Theme: The Holocaust Files 32 poems
Theme: Ancient Earthquake Tsunami Warning Stones 13 poems(Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami in April 2011)
Theme: Snap Shots Of Egypt’s Mubarak Protests 59 poems
(Egyptian Protests and Revolution from January to April 2011)

Please feel free to comment and vote on any poems if you feel a desire to do so. Because these poems are written on diverse topics in differing styles and persona, not all poems will suit all readers. However if you seek a specific poem in an area of special interest, chances are favourable, that you will find a poem or poems, to reward the effort of a comprehensive search. Political poems will offend some readers. But relax, these political poems are rarely read.

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Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)'s Works:

Lemmings Into The Sea Updates

Youths' Beauty

the beautiful memories
as you struggled
with the complexities

of the acquisition
of knowledge
held within

the focus
of a
maturing mind

you are
the metaphorical

of the renewal
of youths beauty

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