Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light) Poems

761. The Gift Of Art 2/11/2010
762. The Garden Party 7/31/2011
763. The Fruits Of Spiteful Lust 2/26/2013
764. The Four Elements 'Baci Ruh' * 1/19/2010
765. The Fortune Teller 7/19/2010
766. The Fool And The Brave One 10/24/2010
767. The Finger Of God 3/17/2011
768. The Film Director's Interview 2/3/2010
769. The Fall Of The Temple In 70 A.D.! 5/15/2010
770. The Evolution Tree 9/4/2010
771. The Elixir Of Life 7/9/2010
772. The Earth Is? 8/19/2010
773. The Dragon Is Afraid 12/11/2010
774. The Dose Makes The Poison 7/28/2011
775. The Death Of Edger Allan Poe 5/4/2010
776. The Death Of Adolf Hitler’s Personal Physician 5/17/2010
777. The Dark One Deletes Comments 7/12/2012
778. The Cursed 8/3/2010
779. The Coupling 1/22/2010
780. The Consequences Of Free Will 9/2/2012
781. The Common Sea Of Humanity 7/4/2010
782. The Colour Bar 11/29/2010
783. The Coast Remains 4/18/2012
784. The Cia And The Smoking Gun 11/6/2010
785. The Church Of The True God 11/30/2010
786. The Chosen To Change 2/16/2010
787. The Case Of The Window Pain 8/8/2011
788. The Case Of The Slack Ef Staff 7/24/2012
789. The Carrion Worshippers 8/6/2010
790. The Call Of Untainted Waters* 7/31/2011
791. The Brass Monkey 1/24/2010
792. The Blood Red Rose Reborn 7/12/2010
793. The Blessing Declared 12/19/2010
794. The Blessing 12/19/2010
795. The Blame Game In The Western World 4/25/2011
796. The Blame Game 8/23/2010
797. The Best Of Times 4/12/2010
798. The Best Choice 5/16/2010
799. The Beauty You Feel And Leave 6/20/2010
800. The Beach 7/31/2011
Best Poem of Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Maya Angelou: A Phenomenal Woman?

Me thinks much ink
has been spilt
over the poem;
‘Phenomenal Woman’
by Maya Angelou.

Me thinks it is time
I stuck my oar in
had my say;
hopefully in a far
less controversial way.

So I ask all these supposedly
expert men who
read read read her poem;
then see red red red
who is Maya Angelou?

A Phenomenal Woman?

And to a man these reds do not know?

Do they also not know
that it is personal choice;
which poems poets writers we like?
All have differing tastes
all are entitled to their opinion! ...

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Single Red Ribbon

Once there was a ribbon
a single red ribbon
two gold rings threaded.
Upon either end.

Upon a silver tray
were rings placed
with silver scissors

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