Teresa Dearing

Rookie (From the beginning / Some where over the rain bow)

Biography of Teresa Dearing

I have live all over the US, visited Canada and Mexcio breifly. My husband and I have 6 beautiful kids together. We are down to the last one at home, so it is quite and I can write. I have been writing on and off for several years. Some times I write happy and sometimes sad. I write in a sing song style and never know what I will be inspired to write. I generally am sunny natured, but I do write some dark stuff, that has more to do with life in general than me.

Teresa Dearing's Works:

I am published in the pay to print 'poetry.com', International Libary of Poetry. The poems are; 'Southern Winter', Cajun Porch, Summer Memories to name a few.

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Autumn’s Blaze

Flags of flying geese, waving in the sky,
Heralding autumn, with cries loud and high.

Green leaves turning red, orange, and yellow,
Filtered sunshines nice, warm, and mellow.

Harvest time comes and goes, like a favored guest,
Farms look like patch work quilts, now laid out to rest.

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