Teresa Dearing

Rookie (From the beginning / Some where over the rain bow)

Biography of Teresa Dearing

I have live all over the US, visited Canada and Mexcio breifly. My husband and I have 6 beautiful kids together. We are down to the last one at home, so it is quite and I can write. I have been writing on and off for several years. Some times I write happy and sometimes sad. I write in a sing song style and never know what I will be inspired to write. I generally am sunny natured, but I do write some dark stuff, that has more to do with life in general than me.

Teresa Dearing's Works:

I am published in the pay to print 'poetry.com', International Libary of Poetry. The poems are; 'Southern Winter', Cajun Porch, Summer Memories to name a few.

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Southern Winter

Steel gray skies over head;
Thoughts of summer fill my head.
Dark brown trees fill up the sky;
Leafless silent way up high.
Steel gray skies shroud my mind;
Mystic beauty in this I find.
As misty rain begins to fall,
Cold and wet it covers all.
No spring for us again today,

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