Teresa Sykes

(May,17,1990 / Raleigh, Mississippi)

Poems of Teresa Sykes

1. : (I'm sorry: ( 4/24/2007
2. 3I love you3 4/5/2007
3. Haunting Memories 4/5/2007
4. I Hate You 4/19/2007
5. In Life 5/3/2007
6. Liars 4/19/2007
7. Surviving 5/3/2007

Haunting Memories

I lay awake straining to hear even the slightest noise.
What happened to the happiness, what happened to the joys
When I feel pain and fear, I think of you
How could you do this, would you like this to happen to you
It hasn’t happened in over a year, yet it feels like yesterday
What did I do to deserve this and how do I make these feelings go away
I tried to seek help, but they all just turned their backs on me
But one day they’ll know and all will see
I’m tired of all these secrets and

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