The runner who hides

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My poems are 100 % mine.I write my own poems.Im a teenager.Whose been dealt a shitty hand.I write because I don't want people to feel sorry for me.If I told people these things that I write about they would feel sorry for me.The truth is if I wasn't put through half the stuff I was I wouldn't be emotionally strong.But on the other hand I would learn to love people, Not get scared when it comes to saying I love you to the people I care about.

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The Foster Kid

The foster kid tells herself things will get better but she hides her disappointment when things go wrong.

She tells herself blowing up is just an emotion
Crying is just a symbol of sadness
Abandonment a fear

She wonders if things will ever be normal.
She’s just an outsider trying to put her life together, piece by piece but it seems to just fall apart

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