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My poems are 100 % mine.I write my own poems.Im a teenager.Whose been dealt a shitty hand.I write because I don't want people to feel sorry for me.If I told people these things that I write about they would feel sorry for me.The truth is if I wasn't put through half the stuff I was I wouldn't be emotionally strong.But on the other hand I would learn to love people, Not get scared when it comes to saying I love you to the people I care about.

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Her death

August 27,2007
The day I was told
I knew something was wrong
My 1st foster mother Vickie told me that we were having a meeting today
My Dhhs worker and consular were coming around 12
We only had meetings when I was in trouble or needed something
This struck me as odd because I didn’t need anything and I didn’t think I did anything wrong
We were at Sam’s club in Augusta and my best friend’s mom came to talk to Vickie
I was told to go sit in the car

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