Theresa Quinn

Biography of Theresa Quinn

I'm a diligent harvester,
a faithful messenger, a spreader of glad tidings.
I sing the high praises and joyfully dance
and sing with jubilee.
If any good should come of my life
while in this world abiding,
It's because of God's precious
and glorious gifts to me.

Which are:

Jesus my Savior, my husband and friends
Family and teachers - the list does not end;
God's glorious universe and marvelous creatures
His inspiration and mercy - on these my life depends! !

Theresa Quinn's Works:

Looking for a King Updates

Celestial Promenader

Silent sentinel
Reflector of light
Ancient creation
Cosmic delight

Celestial promenader
Ascends from the east
Through phases and mansions
Affecting man and beast

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