Theresa Quinn

Biography of Theresa Quinn

I'm a diligent harvester,
a faithful messenger, a spreader of glad tidings
I sing the high praises and joyfully dance
and sing with jubilee
If any good should come of my life
while in this world abiding
It's because of God's precious
and glorious gifts to me.

Which are

Jesus my Savior, my husband and friends
Family and teachers - the list does not end
God's glorious universe and marvelous creatures
His inspiration and mercy - on these my life depends! ! Updates

Windows Of Heaven

Windows of heaven, oh what a sight
Tell me, what do they look like
Are they made of finest gold
Do they keep out the cold
Do the angels peek out to see
People like you and me
Do they have curtains or blinds
Such are the questions on my mind

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