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Thomas Conner Poems

1. Alive 10/31/2007
2. You Don'T Know 10/31/2007
3. Halloween 2 10/31/2007
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7. From Dream To Nightmare 11/11/2007
8. Thomas 11/11/2007
9. Rain 11/11/2007
10. Jokes On Me 11/11/2007
11. The Cave 11/11/2007
12. Life 11/11/2007
13. Brothers 11/11/2007
14. The Dark 11/11/2007
15. Who I Am 11/11/2007
16. Halloween 1 10/31/2007
17. For Love Or For Friendship 11/11/2007
18. Why? 1/22/2008
19. My Heart 10/31/2007
20. I Stare Death In The Eyes 11/11/2007
Best Poem of Thomas Conner

I Stare Death In The Eyes

Every morning I wake up
To stare death in the eyes
Thinking of everyone
I put the gun away
I walk away from the eyes of death
I got through the pain everyday
Not because it happens
Because it happened
Staring death in the eyes
Makes me understand why
Slitting wrist
Buck shots to the head
Eating bullets
Become a reality
Rather than imaginary
Staring death in the eyes
Makes me more comfy
With death
To myself
To end life
Is not the way
Because of pain and others
Are why I live today
I stared death in the eyes…
And I survive...

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Halloween 1

This was the night that led to yours
The heavens took your mom home
This very night
Then the same happened to you only different
This time it was you to that took yourself there
This night I didn’t find you lying on
The floor with blood all over
This night is suppose to be a scary night
The scary movies

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