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The Real American Dream-Essay

The Real American Dream

I need to provide a quick backdropp for the calculation I am going to attempt. First, the term “The Taliban” doesn’t refer to the original government entity the U.S. declared war against. It in fact has come to refer to at least four independently operating jihadist groups whose primary and secondary targets are “invading infidels” and “traitors”. The traitors consist of Afghan Security Forces in the same way American Revolutionist would have viewed their neighbors, maybe even their family, who chose allegiance to England over independence. And the foreign invaders are nothing short of how we still view the Japan that attacked Pearl Harbor.
It is tragic that these warriors resort to such brutal tactics. I personally feel that the fact that less than 20,000 of these people, that most Americans would honestly consider primitive, have maintained such a level of combat that has demanded counter forces so much greater in proportion and technology, for such long a time, is a great accomplishment in their minds (but not too note worthy to Americans) . No less an accopmlidshment than that which we still feel when thinking about winning our freedom from the military force of the British Empire. I think this is something that binds these men to our nation’s heritage. Afghanistan had to fight three Wars of Independence with the English Empire. Even after the three wars it was not a military victory in Afghanistan that severed Britain’s imperial military influence. It was something that can definitely be argued by scholars and politicians, but in my novice opinion was directly solidified in history as a result of Gandhi’s non-violent defeat of Brittania in India.

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