Treasure Island

Timothy Long

[Theliltmoney,thebigtmoney,multitmoney,tmoney,tmack,tdogg,thegreatbigtmoney,tbagg] (September 11 1996 / Auburn, New York)

Biography of Timothy Long

im 17. i love to read and write. i love studyding history. my dream is to become what my family doesnt want out of my life. i once was all alone until i met a person who showed me the light in which is why im still here. i was abused as a child and have had a bad chilhood and past but i accepted what happened and im a better person learning from my mistakes and of others. i have six siblings, and many qoutes and poems, my dream is to make it as poet one day.

Timothy Long's Works:

The Dark Aybss Updates

Apart Of Your Memories

found in great sunshines, of smiles to frowns, don't go upside down, the friends go together and leave together, wonderful leaves blow in the summer breeze, growing to right, doing no wrong, trees giving oxygen for life to continue, thinking gets better for older gets wiser, never forgotten good times, apart of you am i, through your memories, you

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