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[Theliltmoney,thebigtmoney,multitmoney,tmoney,tmack,tdogg,thegreatbigtmoney,tbagg] (September 11 1996 / Auburn, New York)

Biography of Timothy Long

im 17. i love to read and write. i love studyding history. my dream is to become what my family doesnt want out of my life. i once was all alone until i met a person who showed me the light in which is why im still here. i was abused as a child and have had a bad chilhood and past but i accepted what happened and im a better person learning from my mistakes and of others. i have six siblings, and many qoutes and poems, my dream is to make it as poet one day.

Timothy Long's Works:

The Dark Aybss Updates

Sorrowing Mist

the rainbows gone, the sun is down, the moonlight is shining brightly tonight. as if im a lone wolf for all to see. i tried to be your friend, but you just ignored me as if im a rat. i gave you jeweraly but you don't were it, but you just let it rot. im tired of it now so i guess it's time to let go. so go now and live your life, and ill live mine.

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