Poems of Timothy

1. 123 8/9/2009
2. Above the Murk 8/9/2009
3. Am I 8/9/2009
4. Back Before 8/9/2009
5. Come on 8/9/2009
6. Flames 8/9/2009
7. Goals 8/9/2009
8. how do you know 8/10/2009
9. Language of the Angels 8/9/2009
10. Sometimes 8/9/2009

Back Before

Back before
Back before when the jester sang for the king and queen
Back before when the king smiled and the people dreamed
Back before when the Jester was that happy clown
Back before when the King had the power in his place
Back before the Jesters thief
Back before the Jester sat on the golden throne
and wore the jeweled crown
Back before the queen found a knife in her back

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