Tina Chan

Biography of Tina Chan

Tina Chan made her poetry debut in early 2009 and has been fortunate to be selected as a feature performer at various open-mics. She is a lively spoken word poet whose writing style is a poetic puzzle for readers to determine the definitive underwriting. She has an abiding passion for writing ablaze based on personal experiences. Life’s juicy sweetness is to eschew the negativity as an outlet. Her life’s struggles do not define her as a person, but uses it as a motivation and lessons learned.

Tina Chan's Works:

Alternative New Year’s Poetry Extravaganza Anthology 2016 and 2015; “The Life and Loves of Champagne Rose, ” 2015; Brownstone Poets Anthology 2016,2015,2013,2012; Nomad’s Choir Poetry Magazine: Summer 2014, Spring 2013, Spring 2012 and Fall 2011; Big City Lit, Fall 2011. Feature spoken word poet performer at: Alternative New Year’s Day Poetry Extravaganza 2016,2015,2013,2012; “Manic Mondays” August 6,2012; 4 Horseman Poetry Reading #17,2011; “Saturn Series Poetry” 2011; Taza de Cafe 2011; Brownstone Poets 2011; MikNic Lounge May 2012 and June 2011; Nomad’s Choir 2011; “Shout Out” at Otto’s Shrunken Head 2010.

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When one cannot spare a minute to return my SMS texts
No more calls
Occupied 24/7 @ 365
To evade my presence
Out of spite
Vulgarly selfish


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