Tolly Rebeka Christian BlackWolf Hawk

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Biography of Tolly Rebeka Christian BlackWolf Hawk

I started writing in 2003. My ability to write waited to be triggered by a heart breaking move from Colorado, where I had lived for the first thirteen years of my life, to Missouri. After a few years there, I began a journey, a journey that has taken me many places, down many a winding trail, in so many different sorts of company. How oh how to get it all from mind to matter?
Now writing is becoming a passion, an avenue of expression through the tangled forest of life. A release, a joy, a way of healing not only for me but others (At least that is my wish) . I now live in IL with my husband and new born son. I hope you enjoy the things I have written. May your pens (or pencils) stay sharp! Updates

Pearls Or Roses?

To walk amongst pearls and roses, the pearls and roses of the mind.
Pearls, which will forever hold their luster,
Roses which will wither and molder into dust.
To walk bedecked in pearls and roses, is to walk in retrospect of
Life in passing.
Will one pluck another rose as they pass the bush, knowing it will fade?

Or will they toil to pry the shell of the stranded
Oyster, to reap a lasting memory?

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