Tony Elsby (Poems of life and love)

Tony Elsby (Poems of life and love) Poems

1. Toddlers Holding Hands On The Seashore 5/20/2011
2. Boys Playing Chess On The Pavement 5/20/2011
3. Our Good Shepherd 5/10/2011
4. A Kiss For Mum 6/6/2011
5. Walk At Sunset 6/21/2011
6. Forging A Link 5/12/2011
7. Toddlers Wrestling With A Tyre 5/20/2011
8. 'Memphis Belle' 5/11/2011
9. What Eats You 5/21/2011
10. Transcending 5/23/2011
11. Runway Lights 5/11/2011
12. The Awakening 5/15/2011
13. Spare The Rod 5/15/2011
14. The Wasp 11/13/2013
15. Spiritual Revival 5/17/2011
16. Great Expectations 6/11/2011
17. For You 5/21/2011
18. A Child's Message To The World 5/10/2011
Best Poem of Tony Elsby (Poems of life and love)

A Child's Message To The World

One day I sat on Santa's knee,
And he asked me what I'd like
If perhaps I wanted football boots,
Or a brand-new two-wheeled bike,
And I told him he could keep those things,
Cos I had family,
Who'd already seen that Santa's staff,
Would send such things to me.
Instead my wish if Santa Claus,
Could somehow find the time,
Was to send a special message,
As would surely serve mankind,
A message of far-reaching worth,
And alternative ideas to appease,
Those so short-sighted contractors,
Who are felling the rainforest trees.
Which provide ...

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The Awakening

Her birth was long awaited,
This little girl called Shelley,
Who kicked and rolled and squirmed about,
Before departing mummy's belly,
But who, to tell the tale, gave one short wail,
As into the world she came,
Then, though greatly nudged and encouraged,
Never talked, nor uttered her name.

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