Tony Elsby (Poems of life and love)

Tony Elsby (Poems of life and love) Poems

1. Our Good Shepherd 5/10/2011
2. Toddlers Holding Hands On The Seashore 5/20/2011
3. Boys Playing Chess On The Pavement 5/20/2011
4. A Kiss For Mum 6/6/2011
5. Walk At Sunset 6/21/2011
6. For You 5/21/2011
7. Forging A Link 5/12/2011
8. Toddlers Wrestling With A Tyre 5/20/2011
9. 'Memphis Belle' 5/11/2011
10. What Eats You 5/21/2011
11. Transcending 5/23/2011
12. Runway Lights 5/11/2011
13. A Child's Message To The World 5/10/2011
14. The Awakening 5/15/2011
15. Spare The Rod 5/15/2011
16. The Wasp 11/13/2013
17. Spiritual Revival 5/17/2011
18. Great Expectations 6/11/2011
Best Poem of Tony Elsby (Poems of life and love)

Great Expectations

She rode it through the city street,
In a mask to fight the smog,
Slower than a motor car,
But faster than policeman plod.
She wore a fancy headguard,
That could stand a mighty blow,
Should she go slithering down the street,
In a ball of sloshy snow.
Goggles too she had to block all dust,
And insects from her eyes,
And to keep her incognito,
If she ever got work as a spy!
She was the modern cyclist
She trailed no lethal fumes,
As she peddled down town to her office desk,
Entertained by her latest I-Tunes,
In her high visibility ...

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'Memphis Belle'

How well she "flew" did "Memphis Belle",
Okay, her carriage was shot,
Her ageing back had quite a crack,
That pained her such a lot,
Yet she would wheel out early doors,
Before first light of day,
For daily "flights" to so many friends,
Round home and further way,
And all would know when she arrived,

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