Tony Elsby (Poems of life and love)

Tony Elsby (Poems of life and love) Poems

1. A Child's Message to the World 5/10/2011
2. Great Expectations 6/11/2011
3. For You 5/21/2011
4. Spiritual Revival 5/17/2011
5. The Wasp 11/13/2013
6. Spare The Rod 5/15/2011
7. The Awakening 5/15/2011
8. Runway Lights 5/11/2011
9. What Eats You 5/21/2011
10. 'Memphis Belle' 5/11/2011
11. Transcending 5/23/2011
12. Toddlers Wrestling With A Tyre 5/20/2011
13. Walk at Sunset 6/21/2011
14. A Kiss For Mum 6/6/2011
15. Forging A Link 5/12/2011
16. Our Good Shepherd 5/10/2011
17. Toddlers Holding Hands On The Seashore 5/20/2011
18. Boys Playing Chess On The Pavement 5/20/2011

Our Good Shepherd

She arrived as such a cuddly pup,
From the smallholding where we picked her up,
And took her home in our little car,
In which she was sick though it wasn't far,
And that, in time, was a tale to tell,
Twas the only time she was ever ill,
In her 100 dog years she was there by our side,
Each day a blessing, though the last one we cried,
Sheeka was a legend known all through the land,

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