Tony M Walton

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On Thursday Morning 3: 55 Am

There lies One whose Name is writ in Water'
john Keats (1795-1821)

Lying here imagining what would happen if
we wound back to that Time and Place and
met all over again?
And you knew it was me
I knew it was you.
Sure, it's a worn hypothetical but
pictures don't come down easy from the wall.

Would we talk about why it didn't work?

I doubt it, for we are not yet wise enough
to speak of such matters.
We are younger, slimmer, less gray -
which, and it must be said, is akin to
gaining your sight back - only better. ...

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Punching The Moon

There are delving days when the ink blue sea whispers to me
in a sexy voice, 'Come over here boy, and give me a kiss.'

'Hell no girl! I am not easy like that! Anyway, I have
too much to do.'

I want to get cashy and swagger with America,
drunk with England on cool draft lager,
dine with France on her clean white linens with shining silver,

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