Tony M Walton

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On Thursday Morning 3: 55 Am

There lies One whose Name is writ in Water'
john Keats (1795-1821)

Lying here imagining what would happen if
we wound back to that Time and Place and
met all over again?
And you knew it was me
I knew it was you.
Sure, it's a worn hypothetical but
pictures don't come down easy from the wall.

Would we talk about why it didn't work?

I doubt it, for we are not yet wise enough
to speak of such matters.
We are younger, slimmer, less gray -
which, and it must be said, is akin to
gaining your sight back - only better. ...

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A Blink

It can take years to get things sorted out,
whatever it is or was that keeps you static.
Sitting there waiting with only your self doubt,
while all around you life moves on and you're stuck
in a slow motion scream.

We are all moving towards a conclusion,
it's something that our dance with destiny cannot
escape. Sure, there you go trying to reconfigure

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