Top 100 Poems About: ACROSTIC

In this page, poems on / about “acrostic” are listed.
  • 1.
    When Angels Cry


    War and poverty throughout each nation
    Hellish armies march in formation read more »

    Nancy M. Godfrey
  • 2.

    Friends, false friends are like shadows
    Remaining with you only when the sun shines
    Indeed a friend is when in need
    Ever wondered why? I'll tell you read more »

    Richard Blay
  • 3.
    An acrostic poem for micheal.

    Manyatimes i wonder how this life will be
    If we were made to stay in this world forever
    Counting the years without growing old
    Having all what we want and ask for read more »

    Austin Jeffrey
  • 4.
    I want to write a poem.

    I want to write a poem,
    But don't know on what to write that poem. read more »

    rabia javed
  • 5.

    Acrostic poem
    Crumbling down
    Rows of
    Osmosis read more »

    Jole Hans
  • 6.

    Nightmares (Double Acrostic)

    Nothing but joint suffering and loneliness
    In this dark world where happiness is a crime. read more »

    Jan Valdez
  • 7.
    Sleep on my Mind

    acrostic with a secret

    Siesta - the time when every
    Living mortal rests at mid-day. read more »

    Reason A. Poteet
  • 8.
    Happy Onam For All

    History or myth, concept of Onam is good:
    A generous king known as Mahabali had ruled Kerala
    People were in happiness and harmony then;
    Pilfering, betrayal, hording etc were unknown read more »

    Prem Nizar Hameed
  • 9.
    Acrostic Acrostic

    A n acrostic poem,
    C an be about anything,
    R eally.
    O f course, some people like to read more »

    Hyoushin Akarashii
  • 10.

    This poem was written for my English project and it's an Acrostic poem.

    Having the feeling of joy
    Arising from your gut, read more »

    sarah briana...
  • 11.
    Misery (Rhyming Acrostic)

    Misery (Rhyming Acrostic)

    Mean spirited and so bold
    Insensitive and so cold read more »

    Regis Auffray
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