Top 100 Poems About: AFRICA

In this page, poems on / about “africa” are listed.
  • 1.

    Africa, Beautiful yet unappreciated
    Africa, Sahara to the Atlantic
    Africa, From Zulu Land to Yoruba Land
    Africa, From Nile River to River Niger read more »

  • 2.

    Africa my Africa
    Africa my mother land
    land of milk and honey
    land of natural beauty read more »

    Abisoye Sejoro
  • 3.
    Born In Africa

    I was born in Africa
    In the war and poverty
    I love Africa my country
    I will save Africa. read more »

    St Antoine de la Vuadi
  • 4.


    (to africans in diaspora) read more »

    Chime Hilary Uchenna
  • 5.

    My Africa My Africa My Africa
    My Africa of which everybody imitates
    My Africa of which culture exceed the Greek
    My Africa of which everyone is jealous of read more »

    Fasan paul
  • 6.
    Africa's pain is my pain

    Africa dear Africa
    Your children are lonely and depressed
    Africa dear Africa
    Your children are at war with each other read more »

    Ayanle Isak
  • 7.
    ********* Best ********

    The best gift in the world comes
    from the best part of the world
    and the best part of the world comes from Africa,
    and the best part of Africa comes from west Africa and the best part read more »

    Senator alufalism
  • 8.
    Rise up Africa

    Africa, Africa
    rise up Africa
    Africa, Africa
    stand up Africa read more »

    Matt Ancient
  • 9.

    Cracked lips, parched land
    Dusty promises of help at hand
    Hungry children on Christmas cards
    Won't help a world that's growing too fast read more »

    Brynn Fier
  • 10.
    The Dark Continent

    'Africa my beginning, Africa my end. I was born here and I will die here'
    Africa you bear my hopes and fears
    Poverty, famine, crime and AIDS are words which plague Mother Africa's name
    These demons bring me shame read more »

    Mthoko Mpofana
  • 11.

    Ebola! Ebola! Ebola!
    you are only hunting in the exhausted fields,
    you predecessors have done evil marvel in this land
    Africa's sons and daughter were heavily taken away read more »

    alexander opicho
  • 12.

    Only supporting post of Tanzania
    Found in Tanzania read more »

    pitilosi mdala
  • 13.

    THE RHYTHM OF YOUR MUSIC read more »

    Elijah Ifetayo
  • 14.

    From the mouth of asmara
    To the ears of praia
    I see a soul
    From the desert of tunis read more »

    kemurl fofanah
  • 15.

    Africa, my motherland.
    The home of my forefathers,
    Who were as ignorant as children.
    But were as industrious as wild beavers. read more »

    Solomon Bright Dankwa
  • 16.
    who could cure africa?

    who could cure africa

    Who could cure africa? . read more »

    ademola oluwabusayo
  • 17.
    Africa's Praying

    Let justice shield us
    Yes indeed, be our defense
    In this land
    In Africa read more »

    charles K wanjohi
  • 18.

    Africa from the mustard seeds of all crops,
    Afica to the worlds of plantation lands,
    Africa from natural spill of nature,
    Africa to the vast ocean of crude, read more »

    fahddisson ado
  • 19.
    My Africa

    My Africa,
    a monument from God
    his archi-tectural piece
    on pillers of golden block read more »

    Emmanuel Odum
  • 20.
    I Am Africa

    I am a son to my Father, I am born to my Africa, I am the Future!
    I am my own Father, I am on my own an African in my Africa, I am my own Future!
    I am to my son a Father, I am a People to my Africa, I am present in my Future!
    I am now a man just like my Father, I am Africa, I am making history in my Future! read more »

    Makabongwe Nkambule
  • 21.

    Africa child a leader in the world
    Africa child you grow so tender
    In the two hands of your mother read more »

  • 22.
    Hail Africa

    Hail Africa,
    Full of race,
    The lords be with you,
    You are cursed among nations, read more »

    Bridget Pearson
  • 23.

    Here we are in America camouflaged in poverty
    Our minds programmed - voice of prosperity
    While there in Africa we lie starving
    While there in Africa we lie dying read more »

    Sally Stewart
  • 24.
    Africa I

    Africa I am coming home, home to your breast.
    Africa I am riding the waves nothing can stop us
    Africa receive me under your wing hold and guide my spirit
    Your beauty is deep inside me your wonder is in my heart read more »

    Desmond Tagoe
  • 25.
    My Africa

    She is like an Ashanti, her skin kisses the black of the stars.
    Her smile is dry with character like the rivers of her mother land.
    Her eyes gaze upon the sun that has a scorche and has seen the history of her man kind.
    Her hands burst with veins filled with the pain of her mothers and sisters. read more »

    Zimkitha Dreamhouse
  • 26.
    Africa is Calling (Passionate Breeze)

    Africa is calling, come mwana come.
    Ululating village women have their arms open, ready to embrace me.
    The cracked, dusty African earth is ready to receive my footprints.
    Africa is calling “halala”. read more »

    Audrey Kanyera
  • 27.

    Oh africa your name is perfect as it sound
    Beauty upon your name like the lily dwell in the morning sun
    You are like the shadow of beauty
    Oh africa I praise your name higher to the sky. read more »

    Emmanuel chibuike ikechukwu
  • 28.
    Giant of Africa

    Blessed thy be
    among the contries
    so great and powerful
    rich in culture read more »

    Mimiko moruf oluwakayode
  • 29.
    Season Africa

    Seasons africa
    Africa! my home..
    The sole of peace
    Your brothers are now your fathers read more »

    Ibrahym Oba
  • 30.
    Black African

    African I'm
    screaming for my colour
    shining like gold
    but diamond read more »

    alfusainey Sonko
  • 31.
    Africa my land

    Africa my land
    Land of the condemned
    Your mountains are the measures of your strife
    Your rivers are the measures of your tears read more »

    Thobile Masondo
  • 32.

    In Africa the lion is no more
    The jungle not his home
    For he now opens a door
    The corridors of power he is seen to roam read more »

    kemi moshood
  • 33.
    My Africa

    The land of my forefathers
    Victim of imperialism, colonialism
    Wars and all social ills alike
    Perpetuated by western forces read more »

    swabi mnisi
  • 34.
    Can you hear him?

    Can you hear him whispering behind his window
    Can you hear the rain tick against the glass ever so slow
    To remind him that the rain hasn't stopped for years
    But the pavement isn't drenched with water but with blood and tears read more »

    Vino Venitas
  • 35.
    My African Land

    Forgotten trodden past
    Hopeful saintful future

    I walk in my African land read more »

    Gabi Ngubeni
  • 36.

    Your fauna, your flora, i yearn
    In summer, winter or autumn
    Yet your deep ravines, vast landscapes read more »

    Tapera Makadho
  • 37.
    I Am Africa

    I am Africa the brave
    As strong as the earth
    The thickness of black
    Is my gift from God read more »

    Emone Emmanuel
  • 38.
    I See Vision

    I see vision of a new Africa
    Where the Muslim and Christians hold hands and say we see Africa as one read more »

    Sandile mngadi.
  • 39.

    Africa! Africa!

    Africa one day read more »

    Lunico Nyandu
  • 40.

    When my Africa dance,
    She dances the dance
    Of the warriors who builds
    My home with their read more »

    Owoade Adewale
  • 41.

    I am Africa!

    Rising bright and free, read more »

    Emmanuel Wealth Enyezue
  • 42.

    : : : .~Africa~.: : :

    Africa my pride!
    Land of the Lion... read more »

    Okechukwu Iroegbu
  • 43.
    Mandela Mandala

    Oh Mandala, Uhuru, call from Africa
    Oh Nelson Mandela
    The Domino's are falling
    calling upon this world read more »

    Madrason writer
  • 44.
    Africa, Africa ooh Africa

    continent of love
    continent of caring
    continent of women read more »

    Sally Traore
  • 45.
    African Woman

    Africa! Beauty of the world
    natural and black, lovely and blessed
    models of God's creation,
    silhoutted with beauty; oh Africa gold read more »

    shitta prisca
  • 46.
    Son Of Africa

    Listen Africa listen!
    Listen to the words of a stallion
    Listen as I speak of a giant,
    An African giant read more »

    David Lekoba
  • 47.
    What Do You Know About Africa?

    What do you know about Africa?
    Is it the news, the views or the review
    Of news paper overviews. read more »

    Aziz Baako
  • 48.
    Love take me home

    Take me back to where it all began
    Take me back to the first of where we ran
    Take me back to Africa, where I see the diverse culture's falling in love
    With their beautiful difference's. read more »

    Nqubeko chase Sithole
  • 49.
    To You, Africa

    You are a beautiful terra firma
    With beautiful people
    Rich in history
    Rich in prosperity read more »

    Ryan Sanders
  • 50.
    I Speak As A Child Of Africa

    I speak as a child of africa

    strip the bark
    of the tree read more »

    Eugene Skeef
  • 51.
    African Boy

    I am a young African boy
    A unique individual with my own personal inspiration
    Which is the golden key to build my future.
    With a mind confused read more »

    Elvis Fout
  • 52.
    you got me twisted

    read more »

    nozipho makhubu
  • 53.
    Cry, my belovered country

    South Africa! my belovered country,
    South Africa! My home,
    South Africa! My land,
    South Africa, my priced. read more »

    107 tshepzen
  • 54.

    Africa! A land flowing with milk and honey.
    Devoured by greed and the love for money
    Where corruption thrives and war is a common place
    Where will Africa show her true real face? read more »

    Olusegun Akanbi
  • 55.
    Worms in Africa

    The worms in Africa are skinny
    Iseola wants to be buried in Africa
    The worms in Africa are not slimmy
    Which is why Iseola wants to be buried in Africa? read more »

    Doris Dzameshie
  • 56.
    Africa, My Heritage!

    Here in my heart

    Lies the thought of you, read more »

    Kayode Olubambi
  • 57.
    Oh Africa

    Oh Africa

    Africa, my Africa read more »

    Olawale Okunrinboye
  • 58.
    Am An African

    Am an African
    not because i wear 'RADO' on my wrist
    But because my great-grandfather's wrist
    Was costumed with schakled chains read more »

    animashaun ayomide
  • 59.
    AIDs and Africa

    AIDS and Africa
    Two closely related topics
    Everybody is worried
    But no one knows how to stop it read more »

    Z'ro Tahiro
  • 60.


    I can see that you been through so much pain, You cried so often your tears dropped like rain, Yet nobody ever came to see what made you cry, Even though you are capable of many great things, nobody gave you a try, You feel like a drowning person, you can see people holding a life jacket, but they won’t throw it to you, you are so strong but at times you just don’t have a clue, your are so beautiful, yet it is so painful, your are so caring, yet sometimes you are so scaring, it used be a happy home, but many of your children have left you and gone, your are so lonely most of the time, you are the victim of many crimes, you never complained when we left you, if you only knew the struggle that we been through, searching for a life jacket that can save you, just have faith, we will bring the smile back on your face, no more tears of sorrow, we promise you a better tomorrow, the children of Africa will cry tears of happiness, no more fights, no more killings and no more sadness, Africa you are tattooed in my heart, Africa I love you so much read more »

    Alnazir Abdelrahman Kuri
  • 61.

    once upon a time
    there was a bad time
    for the people of africa
    as there was apartheid read more »

    sai Susritha
  • 62.

    Dear Africa a land sweeter than honey
    A land that is renowned for its richness
    But things have changed, the color of the land has turn bloody
    Both young and old, men and women yearn for calmness. read more »

    MASIREH sanyang
  • 63.
    Africa We Stand Up For You

    When they ask you tell them you are from Africa.
    Africa and nowhere else.
    Africa has made you
    Africa has made me; read more »

    Hamza Issah Danjuma
  • 64.
    Worldcup 2010 southafrica

    Africa Africa Africa
    Time to keep the gold
    Opportunity to host the world
    Invite world to solve our problems read more »

    Baliboola N.ivan
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