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Top 100 Poems About: ALONE

In this page, poems on / about “alone” are listed.
  • 1.
    Alone on Sea

    Alone i lay on a wooden raft
    Alone i stay in the dark
    Alone i pray to survive
    Alone i may not survive read more »

    Allenika ...
  • 2.
    Alone (2)

    alone wherever I go
    alone whatever I do
    alone all the time
    alone what I should do read more »

    tami alshamsi
  • 3.
    I Feel Alone

    When morning wears crown,
    with white light of early dawn
    When the sun goes down,
    and day removes its gown read more »

    Hira Akhtar
  • 4.
    Not alone

    Not alone
    Am not alone, not alone
    Each time i feel alone
    I feel someones presence read more »

    izuchukwu lucius
  • 5.

    alone I walk the streets at night,
    alone I pray to end this life,
    alone I am, alone I stay,
    alone I live, in endless strife, read more »

    Arik Fletcher
  • 6.

    Alone I drift away,
    Alone I walk a thousand miles,
    Alone I fall asleep,
    Alone I stare at the sky, read more »

    Angela R. M. Ferrer
  • 7.
    I Who is alone

    I who is alone
    Wrong for long
    in my inner earth read more »

    Abdullah Musa
  • 8.

    My breath is void of oxygen
    My heart a scribble without rythm
    I don't know what I'm doing
    Or what I should have done read more »

    Benjamin Krouskop
  • 9.
    All alone

    I am all alone
    So cold, and as white as a bone
    Betrayed, and broken
    From words not spoken read more »

    Neil Crosby
  • 10.

    inspired from Tom Bennett's 'Alone'

    Alone to cry
    Alone to smile read more »

    James Fumich
  • 11.
    Being Alone

    I am alone
    I have no brother nor sister
    Yet, I'm happy... read more »

    JAPCHAE Wyeth
  • 12.
    Alone with My Thoughts

    Alone with my thoughts,
    Alone in my dreams,
    Alone in the night,
    Alone with my screams. read more »

    Les Farrow
  • 13.

    Alone I sit,
    Alone I think,
    Alone I experience,
    Alone I cry, read more »

    Doris Johnson
  • 14.
    I'm So Alone

    I'm so alone, there's no one here
    I'm so alone and I'm so scared
    I sit by myself with no one to care
    I bleed alone and I'm so scared read more »

    Emo Seb
  • 15.
    alone forever

    My feelings make me alone
    alone forever

    My friends dont know my feelings read more »

    Stacy Bea
  • 16.

    yes I am
    alone i will be
    give it time you will see read more »

    mikeey stagg
  • 17.
    Alone with you I want to be

    Alone with you is where I long to be too
    Alone together is the place where we should be
    Alone without your words
    it's you that I miss too read more »

    josee dube
  • 18.
    Alone With You

    Alone with you

    Alone with you is where I long to be
    Alone with her is where you are free read more »

    Mary Lyle
  • 19.

    Alone, alone, alone
    I was all alone
    I was alone in my mother’s womb
    I will be alone in my grave beneath the tomb read more »

    shakil ahmed
  • 20.
    Simply Alone

    Simply alone as an angel cries
    Becoming empty as all her
    Hope hides
    Simply alone she sits by a window read more »

    susan covington
  • 21.

    I sit alone
    In this cold dark room
    No windows no doors
    Just icy cold air read more »

    Kanishk Gupta
  • 22.

    Alone always alone
    Even in the company of others
    I am alone
    Alone alone read more »

    Elysia Palmer
  • 23.

    alone is the world as i am cold
    alone is the fear just not told
    alone i lay awake and think
    alone i pray just not to blink read more »

    Matthew Flowers
  • 24.
    A Lonely Suicide

    Alone without a cause.
    Alone with no life.
    Trying to kill her spirit
    That is beginning to die inside. read more »

    Heather Rhoden
  • 25.
    1am -new-

    1am a few weeks ago-

    I was up talking to you
    Not wanting to sleep read more »

    Dee Martel
  • 26.
    I Am Alone In This World

    read more »

  • 27.
    Alone At Sea

    Alone I lay on a wooden raft
    Alone I stay in the dark
    Alone I pray to survive
    Alone I may not survive read more »

    Max Parriott
  • 28.

    Alone I walk the streets at night
    Alone I deflate myself with this razor-sharp knife
    Alone I was, alone I stay
    Alone I live this life like a bomb site read more »

    Tasha Thomson
  • 29.
    I sit alone...

    I sit alone
    becuz i lost all my friends,
    i sit alone
    becuz no one likes me, read more »

    katie james
  • 30.
    i walk alone............

    i walk alone..................

    just like the sun, the moon, i walk alone read more »

    Arish Qureshi
  • 31.

    I am so alone
    You can see the loneiness in my eyes
    Loniness is my only friend
    Loneness is my only true love read more »

    Linda Stufflebeam
  • 32.
    alone in this world

    Alone in this world
    And you don’t know why.
    Alone in this world
    You lie down and cry. read more »

    Scot Warren
  • 33.

    Not alone
    But I feel like that
    Alone in the world
    Thinking of all the memories that I can remember read more »

    JoDonna Lapahie
  • 34.

    I promised you I'd always be there
    When you needed me most, you were all alone
    How do I learn to live with the fact
    I broke a promise I can't take back read more »

    jeannie schmidt
  • 35.

    No one is home,
    Left behind to wither,
    Outside to stay alone, read more »

    Heriberto GarciaIII
  • 36.

    I share my life with you.
    I live alone.
    You stand right next to me. read more »

    Lilia Roberts
  • 37.


    dragon larin
  • 38.

    I wake up alone
    I eat alone
    I laugh alone
    I cry alone read more »

    Jake whaley
  • 39.
    When I am alone

    You know!
    you are with me
    when I am alone
    I can't say where read more »

    Pankaj Kumar
  • 40.
    My river bank

    The water hit the bank
    Like a wave upon a shore
    Happiness just out of reach
    Finding that is something you can’t teach read more »

    EmOzEd johnston
  • 41.

    alone i love
    alone i hate
    alone i can be
    alone i am read more »

    lachlan bates
  • 42.
    Alone In Myself

    Sinking into myself
    drowning into myself
    trapped inside myself
    lost inside myself read more »

    Erik Eriksen
  • 43.

    Death to those who
    are self loving and bitter
    and wish to be alone.
    Alone is to die alone, read more »

    Suzaku Vaneko
  • 44.

    read more »

    Ben Matthews
  • 45.

    I, who is alone in my inner earth
    Lonely in a world of mist
    I am a song without a tune
    I am a river without any tide... read more »

    Lutful Sadiq
  • 46.

    I'm alone
    in this world

    I'm alone read more »

    emmanuel perez
  • 47.

    Alone i lay
    Alone she cried
    I cut alone
    She cuts alone read more »

    Elia Guillen
  • 48.
    All Alone..

    Alone with my prayers
    Alone with my thoughts
    Alone with my screams
    Alone in my dreams read more »

    Néha Who Else
  • 49.
    I’m All Alone

    Alone, I sat
    Alone, I cry
    Alone, I sleep
    Alone, I walk read more »

    Lisa Chicharello
  • 50.
    i cry alone

    MOM WENT AWAY. read more »

    anime gurl rox
  • 51.
    you are never alone

    you are never alone even if you feel so

    people love you they love your glow read more »

    moriah puriefoy
  • 52.
    I Alone

    I alone show my true colors
    I alone show my strength
    I alone love my brothers
    I alone strive to great lengths read more »

    Dan Uher
  • 53.
    Forgotten but not Gone

    “Alone” is the peace I can’t fathom
    The unimpressive morrow that yields no sorrow
    “Alone” is the company that will not wallow
    The invisible friend that resembles no phantom read more »

    Erasmo Rayon
  • 54.
    I Feel Alone

    I feel alone
    As i lay to sleep read more »

    Ashley Cecil
  • 55.
    In my thoguhts i am alone

    In my thoughts i am alone
    where i fear no one understands
    the pain the illness the sadness
    the nightly terrors i handle alone read more »

    Juliana Willsey
  • 56.

    Alone I am from the beginning,
    Alone I am till the end,
    Alone I wake up in the bed,
    Alone I drag myself through the day. read more »

    Swarup Dasan
  • 57.

    How does one justify a life lived alone
    How does one love if they have never been shown
    A life lived alone is a life lived in vain
    A life lived alone has very little to gain read more »

    Gordon Jerome
  • 58.
    Satan's Lullaby

    Come child sleep
    Sleep easy
    Welcome the darkness
    Let it devour your heart read more »

    Elannia Lake
  • 59.

    I have walked alone
    since i died inside
    I have walked alone
    while my life passed me by read more »

    Ronesha McLeod
  • 60.
    To the end

    Alone I am at night,  
    Alone I ask to end this life,  
    Alone I am, Alone I shall stay,  
    Alone I live, Alone I am in endless strife,   read more »

    Dead Inside
  • 61.
    A-L 1

    Alone, alone,
    man on a mission,
    ending transmission,
    alone, alone. read more »

    Isaak DeMaio
  • 62.

    I walk alone
    An empty road I am alone
    I cry alone
    I stand with you yet I'm alone read more »

    Marlee Jaiherm
  • 63.
    alone by choice

    alone i am in the rain
    wishing and wishing for it to rid my pain
    alone im spraled out on the floor
    alone in the darkness i couldnt ask for more read more »

    crystal thomas
  • 64.
    alone hydro

    I am alone I am alone
    Ever since I was born
    I have since introduced the
    I am alone I am alone read more »

    anand shrivas
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