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Top 100 Poems About: AMERICA

In this page, poems on / about “america” are listed.
  • 1.
    America the Beautiful

    O beautiful for spacious skies,
    For amber waves of grain,
    For purple mountain majesties
    Above the fruited plain! read more »

    Katharine Lee Bates
  • 2.
    Atomic Insanity Bomb

    America, we're drained of enthusiasm for you
    America, why this meaningless war?
    America, you are no longer beautiful
    America, when will you see the light? read more »

    Lex Newman
  • 3.
    America Is Not... Is

    America is something far greater
    beyond the borders of the united states

    America is not made of rock land or sea read more »

    Gregory Allen Uhan
  • 4.

    The young man's youth
    fought the war for you
    The soldier's young dreams
    fought the war for me read more »

    Dan M. Jones
  • 5.

    America! God gave you broadful landings
    Designated mountains, valleys, tropics.
    With measures of shady green pastures
    To keep the Promised Land, Showing. America! God gave you beautiful children read more »

    Jean Lomax-Jackson
  • 6.
    America the Beautiful

    America the beautiful,
    America the free
    You have created this prosperous life
    for me read more »

    Kristen O'Loughlin
  • 7.

    There are so many whys
    Asked of America today
    'til the governing officials
    Hardly know what to say read more »

    Rose Cheek
  • 8.

    * I am not racist at all**This is how i feel about america**No disrespect to no body*

    They call me second class
    put chains on me mentally read more »

    Grayson Givens
  • 9.

    At war with itself
    Manufacturer of hate and greed
    Embarrassingly ignorant to the outside world
    Ruthlessly preaching hate read more »

    James Rogers
  • 10.
    America The Melting Pot Land

    Their fruits proud and confident with their knowledge of modern technology but,
    historically sleeping. For some call America "The Heaven on Earth." This simply means, "As there are many
    different ways of dying to go to heaven and so there are many different ways of entering
    the United States of America. Since there are no differences in heaven between those read more »

    Binta Bundu
  • 11.

    for Jack Kerouac (1922-69)

    Jack the America of your dreams is gone
    Gone the brownstone tenements of the night read more »

    Jim McDonald
  • 12.
    Black Man In America

    Black Man In America for to long our chains held us so tight
    beaten down as far as the dust chained to the night
    Black Man In America can't you see
    we free now at least physically read more »

    julius thomas
  • 13.

    America, America, a land so free, Welcome strangers from across the seas
    Some came by boat, some by plane, and being here is no disdain
    Such beauty by day, a jewel by night, like a huge treasure and a wonderful sight, a splendor to see, whilst in the air
    Hooray New York! Hooray, we are here. read more »

    Marjorie Sylvester Ettienne
  • 14.
    We The People

    We the people of America, stand for Liberty;
    Brothers and Sisters united, living in the land of the free.
    We abide by the Golden Rule; we treat our neighbors’ right;
    But if our Freedom is threatened, together we shall fight. read more »

    Roy Bain
  • 15.
    America The Brave

    America, America, so the songs go,
    Once so great a country, we now leave lands destitute and sickly,
    Our sticky fingers destroying families, and killing the innocent.
    We sneak in under our false pretenses of protecting democracy, read more »

    Nate Truman
  • 16.
    We Are America

    Soldiers standing strong
    standing to protect us all
    Never giving up faith
    never quitting on us read more »

    Brandon Smith
  • 17.

    Meets almost
    Response that the people give read more »

    Totes Sheldon
  • 18.
    America In The War

    And so the Great War begins with a bang,
    And America is dragged into war.
    They enter, and England happily sang,
    And so America entered with a roar. read more »

    Lindsey Ansbro
  • 19.
    From Vietnam To America

    In Houston, men killed their own children,
    In Saigon, boys killed and robbed
    Got life in prisons.
    Right here, wives left their husbands... read more »

    Thanh Nguyen
  • 20.

    America, the home of the brave
    All the souls in this country go further down than an endless cave
    America, where the patriots roam
    The people in this country are more tighter than the world’s population inside a small dome read more »

    Kevin Broken
  • 21.

    America the beautiful
    Paved in plastic
    Putrid with profit
    Pandering for politics read more »

    Kelly Linkous
  • 22.

    please don't ask me, America
    I don't remember read more »

    Dunya Mikhail
  • 23.

    Last night I heard America cry and it was the sound

    Of women birthing chi ldren into a soci ety that is
    Filled with despai r and their tears fell from

    Heaven like rain and flooded everywhere read more »

  • 24.
    My America

    My America is all Detroit, Motown, dancing in the streets, my girl,

    Tropical heat waves and what becomes of the brokenhearted after a riot. read more »

    Salvatore Ala
  • 25.
    Greatest of the Great

    Great, America Great
    The god of all nations
    Lord of all states
    Voice of the voiceless read more »

    Ezekiel Igbodo
  • 26.

    America is a beautiful country
    Where millions of people live
    America is a loving country
    That loves to give read more »

    takeema hodges
  • 27.


    Land of... read more »

    Michael Stanley
  • 28.
    I, Too, Sing America

    read more »

    Amy Lowell
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