Top 100 Poems About: ANGEL

In this page, poems on / about “angel” are listed.
  • 1.
    Fallen Angel

    I have fallen from sky,
    Fallen to the ground,
    I am the angel of sadness,
    Angel of lost hopes, read more »

    Jennifer Rondeau
  • 2.
    Angel of Death

    In darkness of the night
    I spied him in a tree
    Sat I froze by the sight
    He was looking at me read more »

    Udiah (witness to Yah)
  • 3.
    My Angel

    My angel is the one who looks over me
    My angel is the who cares for me
    My angel is the one who loves me
    My angel has beautiful brown eyes read more »

    Jessica Bousfield
  • 4.
    Sweet Dreams My Angel

    Go to sleep my angel and dream
    Of heavenly places and heavenly faces
    You shall be missed, my angel but rest in peace
    In this world you could easily get hurt read more »

    Angie Watson
  • 5.
    Stay With Me My Angel

    stay with me my angel
    i need you now and again
    stay with me my angel
    you know your my only friend read more »

    Christopher Leone
  • 6.
    The Angel Of My Heart

    Angel, angel where did u go?
    You know I can’t live without you
    And that’s because I love u so read more »

    Daniel Browne
  • 7.
    My Angel

    My angel is the one who looks over me
    My angel is the one who cares about me
    My angel who has beautiful blue eyes
    My angel has brown hair read more »

    Nikki Addleton
  • 8.
    Close Your Eyes, My Angel

    Close your eyes, my angel,
    For now, you will see,
    The wonderful, peaceful world
    That once used to be. read more »

    Tanmayi Mukundan
  • 9.
    i was a dark angel

    I was a dark angel sent from bellow,
    I was the dark angel waiting to grow,
    I was a dark angel pondering were to go,
    I was a dark angel looking for a pathway to follow, read more »

    luke slade
  • 10.
    On Angel Wings

    On angel wings you do fly
    On angel wings into the sky
    On angel wings i do cry
    Because those angel wings took you away read more »

    Troy Nichols
  • 11.

    I met someone somewhere out there
    One angel, with eyes that dare
    I saw him sent from the sky
    Oh, he’s an angel, an angel of a butterfly read more »

    Tough Angel fly purple butterfly fly
  • 12.
    Black Wings

    Wings as black as midnight
    =My misunderstood angel=
    Tears running down his cheeks read more »

    Jade Harmony
  • 13.
    I'm His Angel

    I’m His Angel

    I’m his angel the one who looks over him
    I’m his angel the one who cares for him read more »

    Katie Bunge
  • 14.
    broken angel

    i smile a fake smile
    so no one can actually see
    that my pain is over whelming
    that i could never leave read more »

    Joan Johnson
  • 15.
    Destructful Angels

    The dark, black Angel of Chaos
    Time after time experienced loss
    Planning the absolute annihilation
    Of those whose hearts are full of sin read more »

    BlacknessRose ...
  • 16.
    Heaven Has A New Angel

    Heaven Has A New Angel

    your pain is gone
    your stay was short read more »

    Mark Petro
  • 17.
    You r my Angel

    You r my Angel

    You r my angel the one who looks over me
    You r my angel the one who cares for me read more »

    Arjun singh Chhabra
  • 18.
    White Angel

    There's a white angel out there
    Out there somewhere
    It'll blow away the darkness
    Let is bright light shine read more »

    Gee Cii Schnider
  • 19.
    Send my friend an angel

    Please send my friend an angel
    send her one of mine
    a loving and caring one
    the best that you can find read more »

    Jessica Orrillo
  • 20.
    Lord Send My Angel

    Lord send my angel
    to sit at the foot of my bed
    and shelter me from the crown of my head read more »

    Yolonda Lee
  • 21.
    My angel

    You're an Angel that I love to see,
    A pretty angel is what you are to me
    An angel from heaven is what you are
    In my sky you're a heavenly star read more »

    dave libby
  • 22.

    It’s been five months since you went away
    Left without a word and nothing to say
    When I was the one who gave you my heart and soul
    But it wasn’t good enough for you, no read more »

    takey williams
  • 23.
    My angel

    I met someone somewhere out there,
    One angel, with eyes that dare,
    I saw her sent from the sky,
    Oh, she’s an angel, an angel of a butterfly, read more »

    Dakota Bordeau
  • 24.
    be my angel!

    be my angel with wings spread wide
    to guard all the love i have inside,
    be my angel from up above,
    be the angel im thinking of. read more »

    marty watts
  • 25.
    An anthem to an angel

    Angel dear
    sit by my side
    hold my hand
    kiss my eyes read more »

    sreelekha premjit
  • 26.
    You're an Angel

    You're an angel that nobody can see,
    Still, an angel is what you are to me. read more »

    Symone Raven
  • 27.
    Angel of Darkness

    The Angel sits and writes
    Writing out how she feels
    Tears stream down her face
    No one knows why read more »

    Krystal Galvis
  • 28.
    An angel's deadly kiss

    an angel's deadly kiss
    tastes so sweet...

    An angel's deadly kiss is like a satanic's oasis read more »

    jeffrey boyd
  • 29.
    Controling Love

    He took my life
    Without my say
    This will forever be his way
    The hurt i felt beneath his grip read more »

    Amanda harding
  • 30.
    Evil Angel

    There's a beautiful Angel
    sent from up above
    but she's and evil Angel
    the heavans call her love read more »

    Angel of Darkness
  • 31.
    On Angel Wings

    On Angel Wings You Do Fly
    On Angel Wings Into The Sky
    On Angel Wings I Do Cry
    Because Thise Angel Wings Took You Away read more »

    Merceds Lilly
  • 32.

    angel of love
    angel of hate
    angel of pain
    angel of hope read more »

    keith scott
  • 33.
    Suicide Angel

    A man of 19 looks for a quick way to die
    He gets on his knees and begins to cry out
    The Suicide Angel hears his pleading cries
    He knows the man will take his life without a doubt read more »

    Patrick Shields
  • 34.
    lips of an angel

    I hear you in the morning, i see you in the night,
    My sweet angel.
    I dream of you, think of you, and only of you,
    My loving angel. read more »

    Darlene Belcher
  • 35.
    Dear Guardian Angel

    Dear Guardian Angel
    Thank you for watching over me
    Dear Guardian Angel
    You are oh so sweet read more »

    Tyra Falconwing
  • 36.
    Angel and I

    She always knows just what to say
    My Angel gives me brighter days
    She makes my monsters go away
    My Angel loves to laugh and play read more »

    Christian Rivera
  • 37.
    You're my Angel

    You're an Angel that nobody can see,
    Still an Angel is what you are to me
    An angel from heaven is what you are
    In my sky you're definitely a heavenly star read more »

    Dr Nihar Ranjan Ray
  • 38.
    love angel

    Oh love
    Fly beside me
    Oh love read more »

    khoirun niam
  • 39.
    Angel Fire

    When you hear a sound
    And see a star
    Then take your love to me
    Cause I love you read more »

    Hanko Poolman
  • 40.
    My Angel

    Angel, My Angel
    Your the one I long to see,
    Angel 'O' Angel,
    Without you there is no me, read more »

    Alexander Parra
  • 41.
    My Angel (In The Darkness)

    I know I haven't really been a good friend,
    and I know I could of tried a little harder,
    but you see I can't tell you,
    how I feel about you, read more »

    Robert Rumery
  • 42.

    my baby
    my little girl
    a christmas baby read more »

    regina talley
  • 43.
    I am the Angel

    I was the angel that fell from the sky on the rainiest day
    I was the angel that felt the most pain
    I was the angel that has seen darker days
    I was the angel that has lost all hope read more »

    Living Hope
  • 44.
    Our Angel

    The world lost an Angel
    She walked beside you
    And you never knew
    She lived next to you
    And you never knew read more »

    Wendy Cox
  • 45.
    Angels Don't Cry

    Dear Jesus
    Can I be an angel
    What can I do
    I want to go to heaven read more »

    Linda Hill
  • 46.
    Little Angels

    little angels
    vanish everyday
    knowing there be blessed one day
    saying help me jesus read more »

    cris son.
  • 47.
    This Angel

    This angel is confused
    This angel is bruised

    This angel's wings are broken read more »

    confused cherub
  • 48.

    oh my dead angel
    I was nt know
    that angels die
    I was afraid to love a woman, read more »

    nbila allan
  • 49.
    Dream Angel

    My Angel is sweet to recieve
    Watches over me I believe
    No words to speak
    Picks me up when I'm weak read more »

    joyce vajda
  • 50.
    My guardian angel

    My guardian angel.

    Every time I whisper you name.
    A angel awakes my flame. read more »

    valentino montanna
  • 51.

    shadow is a personality
    shadow is always there to torment me
    shadow makes me live in fear
    shadow makes me cry out black dark tears read more »

    jon crowell
  • 52.
    An angel

    I wish an angel come
    Hold me and carry me
    To her world
    Far away from the pain read more »

    Susmita tamang
  • 53.
    Angel Dust

    Angel wings, Angel dust
    They call it love, Maybe it’s lust

    She doesn’t know read more »

    Amanda Burke
  • 54.

    When you laugh, Angels dance.
    When you smile, Angels sing.
    When you are sad, Angels cry.
    When you dance, Angels worship. read more »

    Jonathan Way
  • 55.

    The Angel is a ministering spirit who serves Christ
    And those who will inherit eternal life
    The Angel was sent from God himself
    The same God who will bless like no one else read more »

    Wolkine Stany
  • 56.
    The eye's of an Angel

    Have you ever looked into the eyes of an angel
    The compassion and awareness in the eyes of an angel.
    So calm and brightness in the eyes of an angel.
    The love and peace in the eyes of an angel. read more »

    Darren Johansen
  • 57.
    My Sweet Beautiful Angel

    My Sweet Beautiful Angel
    Sent To Earth From Above. I prayed for you before we met,
    Not knowing who you would be.
    I asked the lord to send me an ANGEL, one chosen just for me. read more »

    Lil Bonifide
  • 58.

    God send me an angel
    From the heavens above
    God send me an angel
    To keep my heart from bracken read more »

    Sean Hurrell
  • 59.
    hurt and destruction of an angel

    An angel in disguise
    hidden behind broken pride
    of all these human lies read more »

    Jennifer Panner
  • 60.
    something dat looks ova me

    read more »

    katlyn jarrettt
  • 61.
    My Angel

    my angel has fallen and was lost.
    my angel was broken and crushed.
    my angel found hope.
    my angel found a path. read more »

    carissa jones
  • 62.
    My Angel

    With your angel eyes
    And your wonderful smile
    Your smooth black hair
    And your heavenly lips read more »

    Davina Vanessa Rivas
  • 63.

    Angels are your friend through life,

    Angels are there for you in your pain and strife, read more »

    Suzanna Christina Chevalier
  • 64.
    Angel Heart.

    I see before my eyes divinity
    Gossamer shining wings before my eyes
    The light of Love explodes before me
    You are a child of paradise read more »

    michael Patrick clarke
  • 65.
    Am i a good Angel

    I am here standing in front of you,
    Praying, whispering with bended knee,
    as good as i can be, only for you.
    I surrender my wings and my huge dream. read more »

    Purple Butterfly
  • 66.
    My everything

    My Angels to my Angel
    Darling at this moment I sent two Angels
    To protect you in this night
    But they came back with read more »

    ben majola
  • 67.
    Angel On Earth

    When i see you i hold my breath
    when i miss you you raise my faith
    from the day of my birth
    to the day of my death read more »

    Chris Che Mbuzi Kaunda
  • 68.
    My angel

    My Angel, my angel
    Come down unto thee
    For this world is full of evil,
    shine your light unto thee read more »

    Corey Donahue
  • 69.
    Lost Angel

    Lost angel you left me
    Lost angel I'm on my own
    Lost angel it hurt me
    Lost angel I'm so scared read more »

    Darren Unger
  • 70.
    My Little Angels!

    My lil angels have golden wings,
    My lil angels are differents colors of the world,
    My lil angels have feelings too,
    My lil angels cry, read more »

    christina muniz
  • 71.

    Still in moonlight the scarlet sings
    silver and black like piano keys
    somewhere an angel gets her wings
    call her for supper read more »

    patricia schooff
  • 72.
    My Angel

    My Angel

    Yes you are my Angel
    Sent to me from above. read more »

    Alan Brantley
  • 73.

    Angels oh angels.
    Clothed in white apparel.
    Uniformed in holiness.
    With necklaces of laughter. read more »

    Bon Darlington
  • 74.
    my earthly angel

    read more »

    Tisha Tamisha Campbell
  • 75.
    My Angel

    My angel,
    my sleeping angel held me through the night
    hands so soft
    In my eyes, he brought light read more »

    Jacquelyn Burge
  • 76.

    'Love, feeling of love…
    So pure and sacred for my angel.'
    'How I tell you
    That how I feel to see her. read more »

    M.p kumawat
  • 77.
    Eyes Of An Angel

    She once looked into an angel's eyes.
    No matter how hard that angel tries,
    The angel can't disguse,
    The compassion in the angel's eyes. read more »

    Jackie Crow
  • 78.
    Hey Angel..

    Hey Angel, let me see those eyes, let me dive into those dark green oceans
    Let them look at me, let them make me pure, let them express those thousand words..
    Hey Angel, stop those tears, roll back those drops
    Let them be on my cheeks, let them touch my heart… read more »

    Dr. Sougata Banerjee
  • 79.
    My Guardian Angel

    Her heart's made of black matter, but no one really cares She's got the body of an angel, and that's all she ever wears You can see the black demons as they lay tortured inside And if you ask her about it, you might hear her cry

    I'm the angel's trash, and the only one I was on my way up, but was having no fun So here I lie, without my love The angel's trash, the only one read more »

    Anonymous Writer95
  • 80.
    mama you're an angel

    mama your're an angel of love,
    an angel of wisdom,
    an angel of faith,
    and an angel of god, read more »

    jessica dangerfield
  • 81.
    my angel

    read more »

    Darren Brady
  • 82.
    Life, Death, Devil & Angel

    Life is full of love
    Life is full with pain
    Life is full of friendship
    Life is war read more »

    Nikki Singh
  • 83.
    tiny angel

    golden hair, tiny curls
    blue eyes, sparkle
    tiny angel laughing
    chasing butterflies in the garden read more »

    Shadow Princess
  • 84.
    My guardian angel

    Some people say there guardian angel is a angel
    Mine is not
    My angel, Cooks, Shelters and Clothes me
    We shop and talk read more »

    Vizz cupcake
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