Top 100 Poems About: ANGER

In this page, poems on / about “anger” are listed.
  • 1.
    Anger fills my heart and soul

    Anger fills my heart and soul
    Anger takes a mighty toll
    Anger lessens but can never leave
    Anger you hope to never receive, read more »

    Jacob Hill
  • 2.

    anger is anger
    anger makes you scream
    anger makes you hate
    anger takes control read more »

    melissa dixon
  • 3.
    The Causes of Anger and Its Medicine

    Know, O dear readers, that the medicine of a disease is to remove the
    root cause of that disease. Isa (Jesus Christ) -peace be upon him-
    was once asked: 'What thing is difficult?' He said: 'God's wrath.'
    Prophet Yahya (John the Baptist) -peace be upon him- then asked: read more »

    Al-Ghazali Abu Hamid
  • 4.

    This ill temper I have is making me mad
    I blow up and I don’t know why
    I wish for just a moment I could handle my anger right
    I wish for just a moment I could love you right read more »

    Gavin Marshall
  • 5.

    How is anger escaped?
    It stays deep within me.
    I think about what is lost,
    and the anger rises inside of me. read more »

    Razu Foyez Ibney Harun Al Ahmed
  • 6.

    Anger building up
    So close to exploding
    I am so close to the edge
    No second thoughts before knowing read more »

    Stacey Gibbs
  • 7.

    His anger is a hard summer storm,
    Unpredictable and uncontrollable
    Like the rain his anger falls upon countless victims.
    Like the wind his anger lashes out upon the innocent read more »

    Davina Caddell
  • 8.
    Anger, my enemy or my friend?

    Anger is my enemy
    There is a plenty of anger inside of me
    I have to control it now but I don’t know how
    My anger is part of my frustration read more »

    angelyn agudo
  • 9.
    Anger and Forgiveness II

    When I am full of anger
    I think in anger's terms
    Part of my existing life
    Is full of anger's germs read more »

    Ray Andrews
  • 10.

    Anger is a hydra -headed demon
    A demon beating its furious wings
    a volcano belching out fiery lava
    a gloomy sky cracking thunders read more »

    Ratan Bhattacharjee
  • 11.
    Anger Is One Letter Short Of Danger

    Anger is fire
    It burns the soul
    Anger is deep sea
    Drowns one to death read more »

    Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar
  • 12.
    feeling that never been told

    the feeling is just within me
    anger, pain, hurt and frustration
    everyday i'm trying to let it out of my head
    out of my body and just set me free read more »

    nor jihan
  • 13.

    How come every stanza's full of
    Anger ANGER ANGER? !
    Poetry's so depressing nowadays...
    Perhaps we could try less to read more »

    Danielle Moffat
  • 14.
    Anger My Friend/Enemy

    Anger is a form of fear
    Anger is what I’m waiting to hear
    Anger is deep down inside me
    Anger drives me crazy read more »

  • 15.
    Animal Anger

    The most misused natural resource is animal emotion
    Animal jelousy, animal love, animal happiness, animal libido, read more »

    alexander opicho
  • 16.

    Anger threatens to steal me away
    My soul burns with fire, my sanity strays
    My heart beats faster, one single beat
    My face reddens sudden from the intense heat read more »

    Leslie Rodriguez
  • 17.

    anger is a force that can never die
    anger is a force that lies deep within us
    anger is the force that can change a man life
    anger is the force that can create a kill read more »

    mikey smith
  • 18.

    Happiness, oh happiness,
    waiting to burst forth from me,
    happiness. read more »

    Sam Hughff
  • 19.

    Inexplainable is her mood
    Undescribable is her mood
    No smile, no frown
    Never up and never down read more »

    Ashley Stone
  • 20.

    Anger fills my heart and soul
    Anger takes a mighty toll
    Anger lessens but can never leave
    Anger you hope to never receive, read more »

    abdullahi hussein
  • 21.

    Fear the beast
    Terror unleashed
    The anger inside
    I can no longer hide read more »

    Phoenix Black
  • 22.
    Gnawing Anger

    She sat looking at me,
    Not listening to a word.
    Every time we talked, she
    Said my opinion was absurd— read more »

    Kent Holman
  • 23.

    I need to relive my anger, it is killin me inside
    It is probaly cus im full of pride

    lots of people make me so mad read more »

    Tasha Micheal
  • 24.

    Anger.. Frustrates you.
    Anger.. Kills you inside.
    Anger.. Won't let go.
    Anger.. Attacks you from inside to out. read more »

    Maisy Smith
  • 25.

    anger hurts it drives
    it burns,
    friends are lost
    enemies are gained, read more »

    Johnny Nathan Botelho
  • 26.

    My anger comes in waves,
    And then pausing
    My tears come like rivers read more »

    francesca zumbo
  • 27.
    What I am

    Rage fills my soul
    Rage will destroy my life
    What can I do to kill this part of myself?
    Rage overcomes the love for another read more »

    The Feeling Of Life
  • 28.

    Anger is a livid crimson.
    Anger sounds like hail furiously pounding on a tin roof.
    Anger smells like singeing hair.
    Anger tastes like horseradish, its bitter burning never leaving your mouth. read more »

    Loretta Clark
  • 29.

    My anger want let me get out alive,
    My anger wants me to hate and bribe,
    My anger wants me to suffer and die,
    My anger want let go from inside, read more »

    Kara Jackson
  • 30.
    New Anger

    New anger came across the dull, brown yard
    New anger trotted up the stone steps
    New anger rang the bell read more »

    Rusalka Slawin
  • 31.
    My Anger is Angry

    My anger is angry.
    Its pain.
    Its frustration.
    Its irritation. read more »

    LuRyza Penn
  • 32.

    anger is a disease,
    rotting at your core,
    sucking dry,
    the life you try, read more »

    hamish milantano
  • 33.
    The Hunter

    He prowls the night, the wanderer.
    He stalks his prey, the shadow walker.
    He strikes with a fury from hell itself, the monster.
    His anger drives him, this anger is old yet lingers in him. read more »

    Joshua Perry
  • 34.
    Don't run from anger

    Anti anger campaigns
    Psychological trend
    Too much precaution
    with behavior changes read more »

    mitty wille
  • 35.
    This Undeserving Heart

    The wind blows across your face
    And as the hair blows away from your eyes I see the truth

    Your eyes that are so clear read more »

    Dani Taylor
  • 36.

    Anger makes you angry
    Anger takes out pain
    Anger makes you hurt
    Anger makes you scream read more »

    Justin Allen
  • 37.
    What Can Anger Do For You?

    What can anger do for you?
    Nothing good I've seen.
    It makes the ocean roll unchecked,
    and stallions white foam flecked. read more »

    Elvish Lore
  • 38.
    Anger Haiku

    read more »

    shirley smothers
  • 39.
    Lets Promote Peace

    Can I give u some advice, don't be angry
    you can't fight anger with anger,
    you can't fight ignorance with hate
    you can't put out a fire by throwing fuel on it read more »

    cyprus jones
  • 40.
    Let go

    Let go of your anger
    It's blocking my love
    Let go of your anger
    It's the cause of my tears read more »

    Jacklyn Smeets
  • 41.
    Oh My God!

    A song from 0 to 0 or Vice versa
    (he he he, simple Jig saw to order, I do not know the order, lol(0) lol(0) lol(0))

    O my heart, Let
    Nobody will stare at you like me! read more »

    Felix Mudiappan
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