Top 100 Poems About: ANIMAL

In this page, poems on / about “animal” are listed.
  • 1.
    Animals in Clothes

    Animals in clothes I see
    Driving cars or sipping tea
    Animals in clothes I see
    But they don't know what they are read more »

    Egal Bohen
  • 2.

    Animals are beautiful,
    Animals are fun,
    most of the animals like to run,
    becareful people don't use gun read more »

    camila salaverria
  • 3.
    crazy animal

    there once was a crazy animal
    that liked to roll in a ball

    then one fall read more »

    Erik martin
  • 4.
    The Man

    The man is like a animal
    he stay in beautiful home, enlightenly
    but his manner is rational animal
    chatting the people harshly read more »

    shanker jwala
  • 5.
    Animal In You

    The sweet smile upon your lips
    Smooth movement of your hips
    Charming gaze
    Eyes ablaze read more »

    Zoe Elsworth
  • 6.


    Will live read more »

    Khemet Osborne
  • 7.
    Animal freedom

    nice to be an animal
    free from worry and care
    no possessions
    no clothes to wear read more »

    Harlan Simantel
  • 8.

    The great world in animals kingdom
    We, all are food for one of others
    We, all are feeder for one of others
    We, all are killer by one of others read more »

    Mashiur Rahman
  • 9.
    The Talking Animal

    In order to make creation right,
    in the beginning God said:
    "Let there be light."
    He said it like a man. read more »

    Philip R. Garges Jr.
  • 10.
    Animals as pets

    read more »

    thomas hannah
  • 11.
    Sun Bear

    yesterday at the Oakland zoo
    I was walking alone for a moment
    past the enclosure holding the sun bear
    also known as beruang madu read more »

    Matthew Zapruder
  • 12.

    With their savage howls
    the animals in the night
    crowd these bitter streets read more »

    Ell Ell
  • 13.
    the animals of the jungle

    One dark rainy night
    The animals were sleeping
    In the dark jungle read more »

    Katherine Day
  • 14.
    Semantics Of Animal Objectification

    to bag: verb for to kill a deer or other animal
    to harvest: verb for to kill an elk or other animal
    cull: a 3rd verb for murdering animals
    thin the herd: phrase for murdering animals read more »

    Anna Hridaya
  • 15.

    cloud made of fire
    ocean made of dust
    people are animals
    and animals made of us read more »

    gary morgan
  • 16.

    An animal told us yesterday
    I should be a man
    Shameless insect shouted with shame
    'You also defeated us'. read more »

    Abul Khaer Ruhul Amin
  • 17.
    Animal Song

    I am an animal
    Proud to be one as I walk on the naked earth
    My animal limbs and my whole body free
    Free from the constraints of human society read more »

  • 18.
    Princesses puppies and ponies

    read more »

    Rex Cuba
  • 19.
    Do animals love?

    I saw a monkey cry
    when his mother died
    I saw a fox drive a snake
    from his nursing mate read more »

    laura zeng
  • 20.
    Animal Rights Human Wrongs

    this must be wrong what humans do
    to breed animals to use as food
    chefs disguise the flesh in such a way
    that as children we do not realise read more »

    Vincent Jolliffe
  • 21.
    I am the Ocean

    The Isle of Man is where I danced
    All shimmering and blue
    The animals inside of me
    jumped up, went down and swam through read more »

    Kayleigh Butler
  • 22.
    Animals And Nature

    read more »

    amanda bro
  • 23.
    My Stuff Animal

    It's there when I need to cry
    Always avalible for comforting
    when im scared he lets me know im safe
    My Stuff Animal never has an excuse read more »

    Nikkie Laye
  • 24.
    Life is like wild

    read more »

    Rodney Allen Reeves
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