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Top 100 Poems About: ANNIVERSARY

In this page, poems on / about “anniversary” are listed.
  • 1.
    The Secret Police

    They are listening in the wires,
    in the walls, under the eaves
    in the wings of house martins,
    in the ears of old women, read more »

    Ken Smith
  • 2.
    What those marriage worth, I am already yours

    What those marriage worth, I am already yours
    We have marriage by heart not by rituals.
    Our marriage is pious then those done by priests
    And those other who are eyeing are big fool read more »

    Sambidhan Acharya
  • 3.
    Happy 4th Year Anniversary

    Happy 4th Year Wedding Anniversary
    To my dearest loving husband Ranny. read more »

    Rochelle Dionisio
  • 4.
    If I Told You I Love You

    If I told you I love you
    What would you think?
    Would you say you love me too?
    Or that we're too young? read more »

    Hannah Barham
  • 5.

    It’s your anniversary, it’s bound to be a beautiful day
    A chance to repeat the things you used to say
    The sweet nothings with which you won the prize read more »

    brian roy skyers
  • 6.
    A Happy Anniversary Kind Of Love

    I want a happy anniversary kind of love
    I don’t want a fall in love at first sight kind of love
    I don’t want a puppy love kind of love
    I don’t want an only in my dream kind of love read more »

    Brian Kilpatrick
  • 7.
    Now Until Forever

    An anniversary is a time
    To celebrate the joys of today.
    The two lovebirds still in
    Love after more than a read more »

    DreamLess Dreamer
  • 8.
    The First Anniversary Sonnet

    We stood and proclaimed 'I do' wedding wows
    and the organ grinded
    The Taco Bell Canon in D Major
    and Chopin's Polonaise Mayonnaise in Egg Flat. read more »

    Bob Genevro
  • 9.
    The Birthday Wish

    In honoring the anniversary of your birth
    I hope you'll be made aware of your life's worth,
    That the sun will shine and skies be blue
    And events relating to sadness will shy away from you. read more »

    Lola Kysar
  • 10.
    One Month Anniversary (2)

    I look into the starry night
    Wanting to be under them and the feeling so right
    I look into the clouds
    Every cloud seen, shouts your name so loud read more »

    Tanner Gallman
  • 11.
    Through the Years

    (A poem I wrote for my Grandparents' 50th Anniversary)

    50 years
    Together you have spent read more »

    Rachel Blank
  • 12.
    Something From the Woman I Left Behind

    the seventh anniversary of our marriage
    we spent the night in a van,
    on top of Brasstown Bald mountain. read more »

    Shirley Alexander
  • 13.
    Marriage Vows/Aniversary Successes

    How little we know in our growing years?
    Protected by our loved ones from woes and fears. read more »

    theodore colterelli
  • 14.
    12th year Anniversary!

    12 Year Anniversary

    As I was praying
    And hoping read more »

    Skylar Beet
  • 15.
    A Woman's Life

    You start out as a baby,
    Then you grow to be a lady,
    You make friends and foes,
    Find a man with love that shows. read more »

    Geraldine Kelly
  • 16.
    Happy Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary baby
    today is our day
    1 year ago
    I don't think of you everyday read more »

    Sherri C.'s Little Sis
  • 17.
    Happy Wedding Anniversary

    I remember the day when I was insisted to attend a function…
    As I didn't want to be deprived from several hours of sleep the next day
    I declined to attend the usual late ending occasion
    But I was constantly encouraged to make myself available after work the next day read more »

    Renu Sukhani
  • 18.
    My Unhappy Anniversary

    You ask me, how am I?
    Well I'm still standing, aren't I?
    That's something, that's one thing , that's gone my way
    It's so hard, to go out, like everything ok now read more »

    vivek khanna
  • 19.
    1st Anniversary!

    1st anniversary

    I thank god with all my heart today,
    For sending u to me one day. read more »

    Dipti Agarwal
  • 20.
    Migratory Birds

    Migratory birds
    deaths and anniversaries
    fill the skies.
    I want to denude you of your clothes read more »

    Guy Peppin
  • 21.


    In John Donne's poem about
    the second anniversary read more »

    Tamir Greenberg
  • 22.
    Confession / Take Me Back

    Its May 1st, this day would be our anniversary
    Thanks to me its nothing, but a memory
    Our relationship lays broken
    Due to words left unspoken read more »

    Zoby Cristal
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