Top 100 Poems About: AUTUMN

In this page, poems on / about “autumn” are listed.
  • 1.
    Once Upon An Autumn Day

    Once Upon an autumn day,
    Colorful leaves began to fade
    In the midst of a chilly, frosty air
    As multitude of trees grew steadily bare. read more »

    Joseph T. Renaldi
  • 2.
    Autumn Dreams

    Grinning pumpkins, falling leaves,
    Dancing scarecrows, twirling breeze,
    Color, color everywhere,
    Autumn dreams are in the air! Autumn is a woman growing old, read more »

    Mary Naylor
  • 3.
    I Have Seen Autumn

    I have never felt the chill of winter
    Nor the birth of spring
    Only the two faces of Nature
    The golden sun shining read more »

    Shogunoka Ledesma III
  • 4.

    Autumn was it when we first met
    Autumn is it what I can't forget

    Autumn have made me alive read more »

    Sheila Butterfly
  • 5.
    Three Years Without Winter

    Autumn read more »

    PEF (PEF)
  • 6.
    It's Autumn Again

    It’s autumn again
    Leaves whisper the sound of our past
    In loss they pay a descent
    To the ground we fall read more »

    Andrea Rieck
  • 7.

    autumn to summer to winter to spring..

    the cool air of autumn
    the sunshine of summer read more »

    nick.. sorensen
  • 8.

    Autumn, autumn, autumn!
    A season
    Full of great things
    A season that brings read more »

    Gomotsegang Sebadieta
  • 9.
    Fade to Grey

    Shane and Shay raking leaves in the autumn breeze
    oh to be free under the trees in that autumn breeze
    Tumbling and falling, scarlet red and amber warm
    Shane and Shay in sync with fall read more »

    Ophelia Deborah Payne Jarrett
  • 10.

    read more »

    Nancy Chambers
  • 11.

    What did autumn do to the tree?
    He took off her leaves and
    He made her naked, afraid
    Waiting for the singing bird. read more »

  • 12.

    Autumn came in multicolors last year,
    Fiery reds and burnished oranges
    Bright yellows and rusty greens,
    Painted leaves that floated read more »

    Joseph Enright
  • 13.
    Love in Autumn

    First day of Autumn
    And the weather is blue read more »

    Wilson feliz
  • 14.
    Autumn My Dear

    Autumn my dear!
    Thy winds are cool and sharp
    And are mine to embrace read more »

    Ryan C. Walker
  • 15.
    Desperately Autumn

    Desperately autumn
    Trees are bleeding
    Winds escort leaves desperately teaming.
    Desperately autumn read more »

    Vereen Fransman
  • 16.
    Old Man

    There was an old man from Spain
    Who had a golden chain
    From an autumn stall
    And did not drawl read more »

    mathew gallerno
  • 17.

    Winters, Autumns
    Summers, Springs
    Something special
    each season brings read more »

    Michelle Hanes
  • 18.
    Harvest and Autumn

    Harvest, harvest
    all you need,
    is food and drink
    and fruit indeed. read more »

    Karolina Gosztyla
  • 19.
    Haiku 3

    read more »

    Sean Williams
  • 20.
    Autumn Born

    Autumn born and autumn led
    Autumn named, maybe autumn wed
    For who knows what the wind will blow around your knees
    Or what will fall read more »

    Grahame Lockey
  • 21.
    Autumn Haiku Series

    hunter's moon-
    the eyes of something caught
    in my headlights read more »

    Brendon Kent
  • 22.
    The Autumn Dance

    The Autumn Dance

    The moon-light glistens across the sky read more »

    Aaron Mac Lean
  • 23.
    ...........................AUTUMN'S SONG

    . read more »

  • 24.
    I have no home

    I have no home
    autumn deepens read more »

    Santoka Taneda
  • 25.
    An Autumn Letter

    I want to write a letter to someone in the autumn
    In the Autumn, I see lonely fountain streamed from a deep valley
    And want to wet the lonely heart
    I write a letter in the autumn night but knowing that cannot be sent in the morning read more »

    Kyungdae Min
  • 26.

    The world is filled with the setting sun:
    Across the fields
    The autumn wood
    Glows gold. read more »

    Brandt Nightingale
  • 27.

    Luke warm was the weather that maybe kept us, and beautiful were the leaves that fell when he left.
    Summer was gone and winter stayed a bit longer than I would have liked, I was glad to see Autumn again
    Caramel yellow, red, and the deepest green set a sense of fall & through it all I'd remember Autumn
    the way the trees swayed in the breeze, my soul could be at eased by his voice and the choice to rejoice come dawn read more »

    Chrisandtras Hines
  • 28.
    Autumn Night

    leaves change color
    the cool breeze flies
    the song of the leaves roars
    rustles and bustles in the brush read more »

    Diana Americano
  • 29.
    Autumn Breeze

    Cool morning breeze
    soft echos that whisper
    a canvas of tinted hues
    diamond shape decors read more »

    Jessica Hughes
  • 30.
    An Autumn Landscape

    The sun is autumn calm
    as though in mourning; read more »

    Srecko Kosovel
  • 31.
    Grandfather poem

    I remember when grandpa and I seeped
    Into the woods to gather chestnuts for someone’s swollen leg
    It was autumn
    I never learned how to spell autumn until that day read more »

    indiana pehlivanova
  • 32.
    Autumn Goodbye

    As the rich red leaves blow down the street
    I slowly look down at my feet
    The leaves are gone
    Apart from one read more »

    Franchesca Onken
  • 33.

    Again the asters’ baleful light begins to bloom;
    again an autumn comes. And this heart worn with longing, read more »

    Karel van de Woestijne
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