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Top 100 Poems About: BABY

In this page, poems on / about “baby” are listed.
  • 1.

    Baby let me tell u how I feel
    Baby let me love u till the end
    Baby my heart is urs
    Baby let me touch u all over read more »

    Derrick Parsee
  • 2.

    Hush little baby Daddys here
    Hush little baby dont you fear
    Hush little baby as i hold my tear
    Hush little baby dont you hear read more »

    jason mcgookin
  • 3.
    Nature Baby

    Nature Baby as free as a bird
    Nature Baby not speaking a word
    Nature Baby living day by day
    Nature Baby always floating away. Feeling the soil around my feet read more »

    Jaye (Julianna) Low
  • 4.
    loves on true

    Love ı s true,
    love ı s lı fe,
    baby. read more »

    İsa Karatepe
  • 5.


    Baby let me tell u how I feel read more »

    desirae monte
  • 6.
    My Baby Sleeps

    The wind is loud in the west to-night,
    But Baby sleeps;
    The wild wind blows with all its might,
    But Baby sleeps;
    My Baby sleeps, and he does not hear read more »

    George A. Mackenzie
  • 7.
    font color= lightcoralBaby, It's Magic

    I try to figure out why you love me,
    Why I still get butterflies when I'm around you
    Baby it's magic
    Why I can still feel your lips on mine 5 minutes later, read more »

    Samantha Young
  • 8.

    Dance to the smiles
    That comes from your little hips
    Dance to the laughter
    You’ve brought to my tender heart read more »

    Okeke Emmanuel
  • 9.
    I Promise

    Baby I promise you I will always be with you,
    baby I promise you I will kill for you,
    baby I promise you I will always love you from my heart,
    baby I promise you that I will fight for you, read more »

    Aaron Dacey
  • 10.

    Missing You i just can't stop missing you
    ....wishing you would give me another chance i'm sitting here thinking why did you really leave me read more »

    Angel Wade
  • 11.
    your first baby


    YOUR baby's first heart beat. read more »

    talema lawrence
  • 12.
    Baby I should question why I love you

    Baby I should question why I love you
    Cause you don’t tease me
    Even when you please me read more »

    Mark Heathcote
  • 13.
    US was always Real

    Baby It's Real

    The feelings and tears are real read more »

    tatiana carrillo
  • 14.

    O precious newborn in our home
    Gift of God's great love divine.
    May caring angels smile on you
    Baby mine, O Baby mine. read more »

    Lovey Baldwin
  • 15.
    Oh baby

    Oh baby baby
    Thinking of you makes me high
    Take my hand and fly up up up into the sky
    Oh baby baby read more »

    Victor Robertson
  • 16.

    my baby
    my little girl
    a christmas baby read more »

    regina talley
  • 17.

    Baby oh baby
    That's it yeah baby
    Watch out baby
    Here it comes! read more »

    Minsettonen Krristaph
  • 18.
    my baby

    my baby once was
    my baby once would move around in my stomach
    now my baby moves no more read more »

    Sammantha Altebaumer
  • 19.
    baby, i need you

    Everything has turned upside down,
    but when ur around,
    all my fears r gone,
    I would wake up at 3 in the morning just to talk to u, read more »

    Sen unknown
  • 20.
    Baby i love you!

    Baby i love the way you call me baby boo.
    Baby i love your tough.
    Baby i love your smell.
    Baby i love your kisses. read more »

    Alicia Miller
  • 21.
    A Baby's

    A baby's laugh is like a song,
    Sung by a beautiful bird.
    A baby's cry is like a storm,
    Like the thunder in the sky. read more »

    ellie price
  • 22.

    Hush little baby dont you cry daddy's gonna sing you a lullaby,
    hush little baby dont make peep daddy's getting sick of hearing momma weep.
    hush little baby lay your head down to rest daddy's still here whispering in your ear.
    hush little baby take a nap with hopping tigger dadd'ys getting ready to pull the trigger read more »

    Emily Frick
  • 23.
    Mark baby,

    Baby let me tell u how I feel
    Baby let me love u till the end
    Baby my heart is urs
    Baby let me touch u all over read more »

    brittany flynn
  • 24.
    Baby Boo Baby Bob

    Baby boo baby bob
    bought baby Bowen
    many brisky baby toys
    bickering brothers read more »

    Kortni are
  • 25.
    Strip Me Down

    Kiss me baby
    but make it quick
    just plant one on me
    and make it stick read more »

    Eva Wenning
  • 26.
    Baby Girl Baby Girl

    Baby girl, Baby girl
    Please don't come knocking at my door
    I can not take care of you
    Because my family is poor read more »

    Quiana Souder
  • 27.
    hush a little baby daddy's sad

    Hush little baby Daddys here Hush little baby dont you fear Hush little baby as i hold my tear Hush little baby dont you hear

    Hush little baby daddys son Hush little baby daddy will see you soon read more »

    colin thornton
  • 28.
    You were my angel

    To me girl, you were an angel,
    You were my heart and everything u can see,
    You were my baby, you were my baby,
    And you were all of the world to me, read more »

    Emily Dean
  • 29.
    It's Just The Baby Crying

    Screaming For The World
    Making The Sounds Of Feelings
    Legs Kick For The Floor
    Hands Reach For The Ceiling read more »

    Cortez Maurell Lewis
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